RTW (Round The World)

yep yep … i’m doin’ it! i’ve always wanted to travel the world. it’s just been one of those things that “i gotta do before i die.” i’ve spent a lot of time talking and daydreaming about it in the past … and have also spent a lot of time wondering if all i would ever do is talk and daydream about it.
but it’s actually going to happen!
i never wanted to travel alone … and never really thought i’d find someone who had the flexibility to do a trip like this. fortunately for social networks like facebook, it’s possible to have connections with people who you’ve never even met. this is how i found out that christy was interested in doing a RTW trip. so i did what any person in their right mind would do … i invited myself to travel the world with her.

we are hoping to meet lots of other travelers along the way and also hoping that our friends will meet up and wander around with us whenever/wherever!

i wish i’d created this

4 thoughts on “RTW (Round The World)

  1. Like your blog, and I’m really excited for you. Must admit that I am beginning to get a bit anxious. Have this over-whelming desire to give you some fatherly advice (also experiences, both pro & con of my own travels.)

    Would like to spend as much time as possible with you, but realize that you have so many demands on your time, and, of course, time is running short. So, for the next 10 days, I’ll be on call. You let me know when & where we can get together, and I’ll figure out how to be there.

    Love you honey, be confident, be careful, and most of all be yourself.

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