starting in fiji

i know i didn’t give a ton of details in that first blog, but just so you know the trip will look a little like this …
leaving march 1st – ATL – LA (connection) – FIJI (for 5 or 6 days) – NEW ZEALAND (overland for 3 weeks) – AUSTRALIA (overland for 3 weeks) – INDONESIA (overland for 3 weeks) – SINGAPORE (prolly won’t be there too long).
then we make our way to thailand and travel around SE asia a bit. after that not sure.
maybe tokyo and then china. we will end up in europe and travel all around by train.
as long as our money will last us!

if anyone has any connections, people you know who have couches we can sleep on, rich people who own mansions in any country around the world, or just any helpful information for us we would greatly appreciate your help!!!

overland=Accomplished, traversing, or passing over the land instead of the ocean: an overland journey; an overland route. it just means that we will be figuring out our own means of travel while in a country


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