one more day!

so i leave tomorrow for this trip of a lifetime! i have been experiencing so many different emotions as the reality has been settling in over the past couple of weeks. i am going to miss my people so much – family and friends. but i’m so excited to be doing this … to live out a dream of mine. to know that i’m about to see some of the most beautiful places in the world! i’m excited about meeting fascinating people from all over and hearing about other people’s travel experiences. i’m excited about becoming more in tune with other cultures. i’m hopeful that i will become a stronger and more flexible person throughout this time. can’t wait to share this with the people i love and care about! if you have any desire to travel please know that you are welcome to meet up with us along the way and wander around!!
much love!


7 thoughts on “one more day!

  1. That’s the spirit! It’s going to be a wonderful trip, and I am looking forward to vicariously traveling with you & Christie. I will miss you a ton, but, I am so glad that you are going.
    Travel well and have a great time.

    love you, dad

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