in transit

we’ve spent a lot of time in transit … taxis, buses and a ferry.

bus stop


nice guy that helped me with directions in downtown suva

bus schedule

phillip deuces bananas foster waitin’ on the bus

it’s difficult to see a place when you only have 5 days to explore so we tried to fit quite a bit into our time in fiji. this country might be the greenest place i’ve ever seen. not a bad bus ride when you are surrounded by either the mountains, the ocean, or massive amounts of green landscape. and when you have zofran readily available.

bus rides and music

window views

we met a couple from canada on the bus and ferry ride to ovalau. they had been traveling for something like 2 years and had just spent about a year living and working in australia. it was nice to hear about someone else’s experiences … they’ve been pretty much everywhere we plan to go so they were able to offer some advice to us. so far we have met some of the kindest people here in fiji.
traveled by ferry to an island called ovalau and stayed at a place called bobo’s farm. so beautiful!
got to explore his land … he grows just about everything on it. also hiked through the jungle and swam in a river. the day before we went to ovalau we got to swim in the lagoon where anaconda was filmed (this was in suva, where we stayed for one night at the raintree lodge). i swung from a rope swing into the water! we unfortunately found out that the gopro video camera does not float AT ALL. christy’s was lost to the lagoon … but was recovered by a friend that we met in suva and is hopefully still intact.
we headed to the coral coast and stayed one night at the mango bay resort… relaxed by the ocean and met lots of aussies who were in fiji on holiday.

ferry ride!

the farm

honestly can’t remember what these are, but everything on bobo’s farm is beautiful!

raintree lodge

raintree lodge

kids in rukuruku villlage -down the road from bobo’s farm

coral coast

mango bay beach resort

mango bay beach resort

we freaking loved this dog! christy named him pepe the beach dog : )

fiji was quite an amazing experience! we learned that to be a traveler means to be on the go a lot. it feels good to see and experience the world … to learn about other cultures. it also feels really nice to just relax when we get the opportunity. now we move onto new zealand and see what the kiwis are all about!


3 thoughts on “in transit

  1. Very much liking your blogs. I’m glad Fiji turned out so well. The pictures of the places, people and Pepe make it so much more real. Also being able to see where you are at on Google Earth helps put things in perspective. Like, I found your hostel Campers Palace, in Rotoura. A bright yellow building with a red roof, and rooms looked clean. I hope they turned out to be comfortable.
    Also saw the Bay of Tas was right down the street. It looked like there might be waterfalls there, because of all the mist that surrounded the bay.
    It’s true, there is a lot of travel involved, so an extra day in the same spot might be good once in awhile.
    Christy & you look very happy with good start, and I am glad of that. things are good here. Taking Nate & Kate to Carabas for lunch tomorrow. That should be interesting. I’ll let you know how it went. Wesley won’t be there, unfortunately. He’s spending time with his family.
    Also got our 1st bid on the house $30,000, sick isn’t it.
    Hope you have gotten in touch with the I think that a large part of their readership would resonate with the way you are experiencing your travels. I’d send a couple of your blogs & a couple of Christy’s blogs along with the best pictures, and see if they are interested in paying you a little something.
    Looking forward to what comes next. I miss you and love you. dad

  2. Living through you girl! Loving my journey so far! Julia is doing well, and we talk about your trip a lot. So glad you are having such a incredible start to your travels…enjoy every minute.

    XO, Dana

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