so we had our first hitching experience! yea … we didn’t get picked up quite as quickly as i thought we would, but i think it was because we weren’t in a great spot to start out with. eventually these 2 guys (dominic and todd) picked us up. funny thing is that we had actually just stayed at the same hostel as them the night before.

we didn’t have an exact plan when we started hitching. we were thinking that we’d try to make it to wellington (southern tip of the north island) to stay with one of christy’s friends. dominic and todd were headed south to taringa to do a 19km hike called the tongariro alpine crossing. so we decided to do that with them and put off wellington for a day or two. the hike was intense! it was really beautiful and so crazy how many different climate changes we went through during the hike. we saw some of the most beautiful scenery ever … and our legs and feet were hating us by the end! difficult hike, but totally worth doing.

dominic and todd were also headed for the south island so we ended up riding with them to wellington. we stopped along the way to stay with a friend of christy’s. he and some friends live on a farm and had some extra room for us. so we finally got a free place to stay for a night! and i got to ride a dirt bike … which was the highlight of that day for me. oh … and i got to pet a sheep. still haven’t seen a kiwi!


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