hikes and stuff …

we took a ferry from wellington over to the south island and met back up with our friend bryan to travel around with him a bit. we hiked around abel tasman on st. patrick’s day … I think about a 14km hike. much easier than tongariro. we camped out that evening and celebrated st. patty’s with about 10 other people at the campsite.  The stars were fantastic that night …. been awhile since I’ve seen a sky that clear.

parking lot before hiking/camping abel tasman

hiking abel tasman

we spent the next day driving further south to greymouth. got to stay in a really nice hostel there … free wifi (which is unheard of here).  made it to franz josef the following day, where christy and I hiked a glacier! pretty freaking amazing! who knows if i’ll ever get a chance to do that again. our guide said that this hike was probably around 18km or so. first time wearing crampons … and i actually don’t even think i knew that word before this hike.


2 thoughts on “hikes and stuff …

  1. The Franz Joseph glacier hike had to be fantastic. I checked it on Google Earth and found over 1200 individual pictures that previous hikers had posted on the site. It was eye-popping visual effects. So glad you got to enjoy it there.
    Milford Church looks to be even more beautiful, if you can imagine. I even got shots of individuals, so maybe, in a few days I’ll catch a glimpse of you & Christy on Google.
    So glad you are having such a great beginning of your world trek. love you, dad

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