fairlie, iguana wrestling, and our very own apartment!

have had some great luck with accommodation the past 2 days!! it’s funny how the littlest things can make me so happy … like when a hostel or motel provides a towel for me to use! or when i get free wifi! yesterday, we spent the majority of the day driving. we went to mount cook hoping that the weather would be decent enough. the weather is very unpredictable in NZ. it was rainy and foggy when we got there and we were told that the weather would most likely be the same the next day. so we decided to give up on seeing mount cook and moved on. we tried to find a place to stay in a city about an 1.5 hours away from mount cook, but there were no vacancies. so we traveled along a little more and ended up in a city called fairlie. ended up finding this random motel/bar with vacancies. this place ended up being amazing! it’s always these unplanned/unexpected experiences that end up being so great! we really haven’t had the chance to hang out with people from NZ while traveling here because we mostly meet other travelers from other parts of the world. well we finally got to hang out with some locals last night and it was so much fun. ended up being a pretty busy night at the pub. met a handful of really great people and ended up talking with them throughout the evening. there was also an entire rugby team at the pub … freakin’ crazy! we danced with them for hours and watched them iguana wrestle … google it and watch youtube videos of this. had never heard of it or seen it before. it turned out to be such a fun night … and we got to sleep in a little this morning because for once we didn’t have a 10am check out time! christy is going to devote an entire blog with photos to this motel/pub so definitely check that out.

we drove to kaikoura today (about a 5-6 hour drive). this is meant to be a really beautiful place to see in NZ. we are still traveling with our friend bryan and he has been here before and absolutely loved it. we are right on the water and there’s lots to do here like whale watching, seeing dolphins, fishing for crayfish, bike riding, etc. we are going on a fishing trip tomorrow and hoping to see some dolphins as well!

ended up finding the most adorable place to stay! most hostels were full when we got here so we started checking out the smaller, more hidden places. found this cute little house that an elderly couple lives in … they rent our their basement apartment. we are paying less than what we would’ve payed had we stayed in a 4 bed hostel room. here we have the entire place to ourselves. we have free wifi, our own bathroom and kitchen, and it’s soooo cute! we are planning to stay here for 2 or 3 nights. then we head to christchurch and off to australia on the 29th!

things are going pretty well overall. the things i have seen and done so far are nothing less than amazing! hiking incredible landscapes and a glacier, seeing the most beautiful scenery while driving from city to city, kayaking milford sound, and meeting some really interesting people along the way. definitely learning flexibility on this trip. traveling isn’t always the easiest. we are on the go almost constantly, it’s hard to make time for yourself, and i am living outta 2 bags. i wouldn’t trade where i am to be anywhere else though. i think anyone would find themselves being stretched on a trip like this. learning how to handle the stretching is what i’m working on i guess. i think the good things that come from this trip will always trump anything difficult that comes along. pretty stoked that this is my life … that i’m living my dream!


One thought on “fairlie, iguana wrestling, and our very own apartment!

  1. Read your blog after your email. Great blog, gives me a complete picture of what’s up, and I especially happy that things are going well. Have you tried to submit your blog to the examiner.com. I think they would consider your blog posts & pictures. If you don’t feel like it do you want me to try. I keep a file and have all your posts.
    I’m staying home all day, so, if you get a chance to call that would be great.
    love you honey, bye.

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