so we spent 4 nights in kaikoura … that’s the longest we’ve stayed in one place. it was really nice to have a home for a few days.  i liked kaikoura a lot … really pretty and right on the water! we went out on 2 deep sea fishing trips. aside from a little nausea it was a really great experience. caught crayfish, quite a few of some other kind of fish that i don’t remember the name of, and lots of carpet shark. bryan caught a barracuda! we got to feed the albatross and see them pretty close up. we went bike riding one afternoon and sat out at the beach for awhile. also went to a seal colony-pretty amazing! one hissed at me and i thought it was gonna take my life! drank wine with jerry and nick (the guys who took us out fishing). yesterday was a bit rainy, but bryan and i went to hanmer springs and relaxed in the thermal pools … pretty good way to spend a rainy, chilly day. christy and i hitched from kaikoura to christchurch today … a really nice truckdriver picked us up! i know that probably sounds so dangerous, but it wasn’t at all. felt incredibly safe and comfortable actually. so now we are just at the airport hanging out before we catch our flight to sydney, australia.

ate this lobster for dinner!




One thought on “kaikoura

  1. These were some of the best pictures, and I am getting hungry every time I see those beautiful crayfish. Not like the tiny crayfish we get here in the states.
    Glad I had a minute to talk to you before you took off for Sydney. Hope the next 3 weeks are as good as, or better than the last part of your travel. Love you and love to Christy.

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