been in sydney for a couple of days now. this is a pretty amazing city! the harbour is absolutely beautiful, its warmer here than in new zealand, and the city is very much alive. we’ve been staying in this slightly seedy hotel, which has been pretty nice. we’re sitting at the bar downstairs right now … drinking some beer and skimming through the lonely planet. christy was being nostalgic about the hostels in new zealand and it kinda got me missin’ them as well. we haven’t met our bryan of australia yet but i figure we have plenty of time. the first evening we got here we met up with our friend dukki (he’s from south korea and we originally met him at a hostel in queenstown, NZ). we went straight from the airport to the korean grocery store where he works. we ended up helping him bag some tomatoes and peppers and then he got us korean food for dinner. we ate it in the back of a van … very nice. he and his friends gave us a free place to stay that night – thanks again!

friday, we made our way over to the hotel to drop our bags off and then explored the city a little. walked all the way around the harbour, saw the opera house, and ended up having drinks at the opera house bar for a bit. such an amazing view with the water and reflections of the lights at night. seeing the opera house was pretty sweet. i read that the architectural design was actually determined by a competition. can you imagine winning that?!

saturday … oh, we discovered a great little place to get iced coffee. they make it with ice cream! we might have to go there every morning we’re here. bondi beach is a must see here in sydney … huge surfer beach. so we headed there by bus … met a local on the bus who advised us to get off at bronte beach and make the walk from bronte to bondi. bronte beach actually ended up being my favorite… not too busy. the sky was the perfect combination of clouds and bright blue. we stayed there for a bit and then headed to bondi. the walk was beautiful … everything is photo-worthy along the way. bondi was ok … a little too crowded for me. lots of surfing though, which i love to watch. i wanted to surf, but wasn’t up for trying to work around everyone else out there with my beginner skills. i might try to surf somewhere along the east coast or just wait until i get to bali. probably gonna need another lesson because I haven’t done it in so long.

we ended up hanging out at the harbour saturday evening. there were supposed to be fireworks but unfortunately they got cancelled. soooo …. we hung out at this bar that was playing good music and selling fairly cheap beer. it eventually turned into a dance club scene with a DJ … christy and i had to initiate and get people out there dancing of course! i think we were dancing with the australian version of the jersey shore, but hey … can’t be too picky when you don’t know anyone! we had a great time!

today we took the ferry over to manly beach (another recommended beach to see). unfortunately, the weather wasn’t great and we didn’t stay too long. walked around for a bit and then decided we needed to salvage some part of the evening … so we got a ferry back and are now hanging out in the hotel pub where we stay. mostly locals hang out at this pub so that’s always a nice thing. they’ve been playing some pretty good music. mojave 3 was played and christy almost went into shock.

i think we are gonna go make some pasta right now …  we eat a lot of pasta these days because it’s cheap. and we’ve been eating toast, cheese and jam every morning …. yummy!

tomorrow we’re thinking about going to the zoo. we will probably start heading north on tuesday. possibly byron bay? and as usual … i still can’t believe this is my life!


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