blue mountains

we are in the blue mountains! we got here yesterday and walked to this beautiful lookout called echo point – you can see a rock formation called three sisters from there. google images of it … or just look at christy’s photos! also saw one of the most amazing sunsets while there – i can’t remember the last time i saw one as good as that.

we went to the jenolan caves today. did a tour through lucas cave and then christy and i walked around the blue lake afterwards. sometimes i wish people could see us on our hikes … we take our time, sometimes get turned around, do photo shoots, and are usually sweating by the time we get back because we are in such a hurry not to miss our ride! it’s excellent and always gives us good laughs. we saw some large lizards, a bird that looks similar to a peacock, and i think a leech today on our hike. i thought the bird might attack me and the leech did attack christy.

tomorrow we are gonna go back to sydney for a night and then start heading north. lots of ground to cover … but not lots of time to do it. sometimes it’s overwhelming trying to figure out what to do and how to go about making it happen. we basically wing just about everything … and for the most part it works out pretty well. so i think we’ll be fine! we will either be taking a train, bus, or hitchhiking to byron bay or brisbane and then maybe a flight from brisbane to cairns. but that could all change in about 12 hours time so we’ll see!

i ate a twix for breakfast this morning, have taken 2 showers today, won’t bother telling you the mixture of food i had for dinner, and am pleased that we are getting to do laundry for free at this hostel!


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