one more night in the city!

we went back to sydney for a night after leaving the blue mountains and got to hang out with our friends dukki, ronnie, and joseph again! such a fun evening! i’ll probably always remember han yang grocery … it’s where they work all day everyday and it’s where we meet them, distract them from work, and keep our bags while waiting for them to get off at 11pm. we offered to help with work, but I guess they didn’t have much for us to do this time.

this is what our thursday looked like… christy and i took a 1.5 hour train ride back to sydney, went to the grocery store to drop off our bags, stopped for an iced latte, ate frozen yogurt with dukki, took a train into the city, walked around the city for a couple of hours while waiting for the guys to finish their work, had a couple of beers, took a train back to hang yang grocery, went to dukki’s place to get a shower, went back to the city to go dancing, and then i think went to bed around 3am. traveling will really teach you how to stretch out a day! so glad we got to hang out with the guys again before heading north! we had so much fun dancing with them and taking photos at their apartment. they were so kind to us … letting us stay at their place again and taking us to lunch this afternoon before we left. had delicious sushi and korean food! hopefully one day our friends will come visit us in the states and we’ll be able to return the hospitality!


One thought on “one more night in the city!

  1. Yay! You’re comment page is back. Glad you had one more good day in Sydney. Looks like you all had fun. I don’t why, but Dukki likes you two? Guess you are on your way, or already at Byron Bay. Haven’t checked it on Google yet, but will later today.
    The house is going through a short sale $35,500, and should hear within thirty days if the bank accepts the offer. I let you know.
    Miss you a lot honey, but so happy that your trip has gone so well. Love you, dad.

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