newcastle-kendall-byron bay-brisbane

after our last night in sydney, we started making our way north and had some really great hitching experiences! we ended up staying a night in newcastle … this was after being stranded at a train station (and by train station i mean that there was 1 platform in the middle of absolutely nowhere) for about an hour or so. we decided that staying in newcastle would be the best idea and that we could try to hitch further north the following day. we ended up at this bar at the great northern hotel that evening. another random find … these sorts of things happen to us quite frequently. there was live music and we really liked the vibe of the bar. people dancing, colorful lights, some hula hooping…

the next day we hitched a ride with 3 really nice guys …  paul, damian, and muhammad. they were headed to a friend’s farmhouse in kendall (small town) for a bbq and ended up inviting us along. the family we stayed with was amazing … so generous and welcoming. we had such a great day with them riding dune buggies and dirtbikes, swimming, and having a bbq. mick and becky have a fantastic home and 4 beautiful children … had such a fun time hanging out with them. so thankful for these random experiences we get to have along the way!

next day we got a ride with a guy named james. he brought us about 200km and took us to the waterfront in nambucca. if we’d had more time we could have hung out with him that evening and gone to the rainforest with him the next day. unfortunately, we’ve had a lot of ground to cover over the past several days and at that point we really wanted to make it to byron bay.

waterfront in nambucca

after james dropped us off we got picked up by a really nice girl named cassie! she is the first girl that we’ve hitched with. she was headed to brisbane to spend time with friends and was able to take us the rest of the way to byron bay. she actually dropped us right off at the hostel … so nice! and by hostel i do mean hippie rave scene. when we pulled up there was loud music, dancing, lights, and people everywhere! nice! this was one of the coolest hostels we’ve stayed at … minus the dirty bathroom. the vibe was soooo good. people lounging around, cabins, teepees, people doing yoga, people playing music, hammocks, camping …

we stayed in byron bay for 2 nights. went to the beach and walked around town a bit. went dancing with our new friends cristiano and mp one evening.

this is the cabin we stayed in at the arts factory lodge in byron bay

so we are now in brisbane … got here yesterday and have a flight to cairns tonight. we will spend about a week around cairns … maybe go to port douglas. definitely see the great barrier reef! hopefully make it to the daintree rainforest … someone we met in sydney said that was his absolute favorite place in australia and that we shouldn’t leave without seeing it.

we ate bratwurst today at a farmer’s market on george street and it got us excited about europe this summer! we are getting free wifi from the library in brisbane and i snuck a cappuccino in earlier … now we are jacked on caffeine! i will go try to download some music now!


3 thoughts on “newcastle-kendall-byron bay-brisbane

  1. Hey Nicole, I love reading about your travels thus far, especially all of the unexpected unplanned adventures. That’s my favourite part of travelling! When are you going to be in the UK? Unfortunately I’m going to be out of the country from May 31-June 19 in India and I’m really hoping that we don’t miss each other!

  2. Another great blog, honey. Love the mix of photos & dialogue. It is also nice to know that you have met so many warm & friendly people on your travels, and that you have created memories that will last for ever.

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