cairns needs some sunshine …

we’ve been in cairns, australia (northeast coast) since the 11th … and it’s been raining almost the entire time. we have a few breaks here and there, but it always comes again. we’ve allowed the rain to be an excuse for us to rest. we really haven’t done much since arriving here. although, we have met some really great people at our hostel and had a few fun nights out. this hostel (castaways) is really great … we have our own room and feel like we have a little home where we have been able to settle in over the past several days. everybody who works here is super friendly and helpful! a couple of nights ago we had a bbq with about 10-15 people … chicken, sausage, burgers, corn on the cob, salad, potato salad and of course ice cream! last night we ate crepes with a bunch of people here at the hostel. crepes with tomato, ham, sautéed onions and mushrooms, cheese, lettuce, green peppers … and for dessert we stuffed them with nutella, honey, and sugar. delicious!

we did go swimming yesterday at the lagoon (while it was raining of course). the lagoon is nice … it’s a huge public swimming area that overlooks the ocean.

we’ve seen a lot of bats here in cairns. random.

tomorrow we will scuba dive at the great barrier reef … should be pretty amazing! and wednesday we are doing a tour around a rainforest that should be lots of fun! then off to bali!!!


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