good bye australia … for now

so we are in bali now! we ended australia in cairns with friends from our hostel. the last 2 days were spent scuba diving the great barrier reef and doing a rainforest/waterfall/swimming type of tour! unfortunately, christy and i both got pretty sea sick on the boat ride to the reef … that was even after taking zofran. not a fun experience. however, i did manage to do the scuba dive … and that turned out to be one of the raddest things i’ve ever done. i did not see a shark. i kinda wanted to even though i was scared of it at the same time. the reef was beautiful … the plants and fish were so colorful! wish i’d been able to capture the underwater time on camera, but i was focusing on breathing through the regulator, equalizing, and keeping water out of my mask.

pier in cairns … where we left for the great barrier reef tour

uncle brian’s was the name of the tour we did. you can google it … really fun time! we loved our tour guide, cousin paul! we walked through parts of the rainforest in the wooroonooran national park and went to several swimming spots. saw some really beautiful landscape and i got to jump out of a tree into lake eacham! also got to swim around and through a pretty intense waterfall … the water was freezing but it was such a great experience! tried to capture some of that on my go pro video camera, but haven’t had a chance to see what i got yet. we tried to spot a platypus, but left a little disappointed. the platypus did not want to be seen by us on this trip.

walk through the rainforest ….

lake eacham

we were pretty sad to leave our new friends from castaways hostel. we spent close to a week there so we really got to know some of them. hopefully we will see a few of them again at some point during our travels.

we are planning to catch a 30 minute flight from bali to lombok today if it all works out … of course we continue to wing just about everything! : ) we want to go to the gili islands for a couple of days before we start traveling toward jakarta. gili islands look absolutely beautiful and we’ve heard good things from other travelers.


One thought on “good bye australia … for now

  1. I’m glad you got to experience the reef & rainforrest, after all the bad weather. The shots you picked out were among my favorites that you posted on facebook. I took a quick peek at Tombol & Gili islands and they are gorgeous. I’m sure the time you spent in Australia, will be among the most memorable for you, as you had a chance form some meaningful bonds. Looking forward to the next post. love you, dad

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