gili meno island and monkeys!

we got to bali on the 19th … and on the 20th flew over to lombok (30 minute flight). from there we took a taxi 1.5 hours and then a short boat ride in the pitch dark over to gili meno island. the boat ride over was one of the greatest and most beautiful things i’ve ever experienced. the water was calm, the breeze felt amazing against my skin, and the sky was clear, brightened with stars. funny thing is that we had no idea how we were getting to gili meno when we landed in lombok that evening. once again … things just worked out. we also had no idea where we were going to sleep that night after being dropped off on the island. the guys literally got our bags out of the boat and set them in the sand … and we got out and started walking (in the dark). the second place we checked out is the one we ended up choosing. for $20 each per night we have a fairly big room, 2 beds, our own bathroom, ac, and breakfast every morning. oh … and it’s right on the beach. this island is absolutely gorgeous! our days look something like this right now … wake up at our leisure, eat breakfast (banana pancakes or ham and cheese toastie, orange juice and coffee/tea), lay out by the ocean, read, listen to music, swim in one of the most lovely oceans we’ve ever been in, read some more, fall asleep in the lounge, eat lunch (could be chicken satay, pizza, curry, etc..), go swim or lay out or walk around the island a bit. yesterday we walked half way around the island to go watch the sunset. took lots of photos along the way. we just happened to stumble upon this little shack that was playing some of the shitty pop music that we love and selling big bintang (the not so quality, popular indonesian pilsener) beer for about 3 bucks. we relaxed on bamboo lounges and talked about life while waiting for the sun to set. pretty amazing. the stars were fantastic last night so we took some night photos before going to bed.

there are 2 other islands close by … they are supposed to be a little louder and more crowded than the one we are staying on. we considered taking a quick boat ride over to check one of them out, but it’s hard to leave here when it’s so nice. the view is so beautiful! the water is navy and teal and the background is blue sky, puffy white clouds, and mountains. the water temperature is perfect for swimming. definitely the best we’ve been in so far. feels like a soft, cool, salty wrap around my body. we will be here until tuesday and then we have to figure out what’s next. possibly ubud and to the monkey forest.

so i wrote the previous part of this post on sunday (today is Tuesday), but there was no internet on the island so i didn’t get to put it online. figured i would go ahead and update since we are just in the lombok airport waiting to catch our flight back to bali. from there we will get a ride to ubud. unfortunately, christy and i have both been a little sick. there are too many ways to catch something while traveling so it’s not too surprising that we came down with something … bound to happen a few times on our trip. we are at least feeling a little better today, but still not great. we spent the last day and half resting a lot. we still got to enjoy the beach some, but the heat was intense so we weren’t out all day. i mean … we have been on an amazing island for the past 3 days so i suppose i don’t expect anyone to feel too sorry for us!

on our ride to the airport we passed through a monkey forest! so many monkeys! they were just sitting on the side of the road, hanging out, cleaning one another, eating scraps of food. the driver stopped so that we could take some photos. we fed them orange slices … they took it right from our hands. friendly monkeys. the driver said that the monkeys in ubud might not be quite as friendly.


4 thoughts on “gili meno island and monkeys!

  1. Hi honey, one of your best posts. Very poetic. The pictures are amazing, and you seem to be having a great time. Sorry for the bit of sickness, I meant to tell you to get some quinine tablets, as they are the best defense against malaria disease that thrives in the tropics. If you don’t have any yet, do get some.

    I put your starry picture as background for this part of the trip. Really incredible shot. Sorry I missed you this morning. Had an appt with the ENT people. I sent you an email about it. Where are you heading next, Jakarta? Anyway, I send my love to Christy and most especially to you, dad.

  2. Awesome monkey pictures! They’re so cute, I just want to take them home! 🙂

    I’m really enjoying reading your blogs. Your trip sounds so amazing. Maybe if I win the lottery I’ll meet you somewhere for a few days.

    Love ya and miss ya!

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