so we’ve been relaxing a good bit. jacuzzi last night and pool today. we walked around surabaya a bit and ran some errands … the humidity is unbelievable. the city is incredibly busy … cars, motorbikes, and people everywhere. we posed for lots of photos today … like any decent celebrity would. they posed for us as well. there was a march going on in the street today for international labor day. we couldn’t really tell if it was a positive or negative event. i asked one guy who spoke some english and he said it was both. not sure, but it was interesting to observe. we also had high tea at our hotel … tea with honey and milk, cake, chicken croquets, and some type of curried crab sandwich. pretty good.


One thought on “surabaya

  1. Hey, you either found your post, or made a new one. Love the color in the pictures, and it’s nice to see the local people & everybody loves a parade. Glad you have been able to relax & enjoy for a few days. High Tea sounds yummy. Nice that they served a proper English tea, with all the fixings. Hope you make it to the rim, but please don’t fall in. ha ha. Getting ready for the game, so I’ll say bye for now & love.

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