this is our third night in yogyakarta. ding … ding …. ding … this is what we hear all night as our room is directly across from the elevator. oh there it is again. this place doesn’t even need an elevator. we are staying on malioboro street … very significant and busy street in the city. lots of javanese batik shops, andongs (horse-drawn carriages), street food, malls, motorbikes everywhere, and as usual, people trying to get your money one way or another. i like malioboro street. very cultural.

we went to prambanan temple yesterday … a huge hindu temple built in the 9th century. really beautiful. we just walked around and took photos as usual.

malioboro street

prambanan temple

today i went to borobudur temple …. buddhist temple built sometime around the 9th century as well. prambanan and borobudur are both world heritage sites. i ended up getting a ride to the temple on a motorbike … cheaper than by car. also more dangerous. if you have ever been to indonesia, or even jamaica, then you know what the driving is like. the roads are chaos … minimal rules. honking and passing and even riding on sidewalks is acceptable. so i’m glad to be alive. i figured that if a family of 4 can ride on a single motorbike (which is very common here) then i should be just fine on the back with some random guy wearing a denim jacket and speaking broken english. no problem. actually, the driver was super nice and he got me there and back just fine. the temple was amazing … so intricate! also, i beat my record for how many times i was asked to pose for a photo with a stranger. it was great! i’m embracing it more and more.


4 thoughts on “yogyakarta

  1. Nice photos of the temples. It’s amazing how deft the artisans were back in those days. The buildings have incredible detail & meaning woven into each one. I miss you a lot, but Skype & your blog have helped to bridge the gap of time & distance. Love you, dad.

  2. So many gorgeous photos! I’m totally loving following you on your amazing journey. Be safe. Love you cuz!

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