singapore so far …

we left indonesia for singapore on the 10th. indonesia was an interesting place. we got to see some beautiful sites … mount bromo and borobudur temple being highlights. and of course gili island! the culture in indonesia is much different from anywhere else we’ve been so far. felt more disconnected … didn’t meet other travelers or make friends (with the exception of one really nice couple that we met at bromo and the family who helped us in east java). mostly, people just stared at us or tried to get our money … and unfortunately that gets old fast. so i guess we were ready for singapore. we are staying with friends here and couldn’t be more thankful for this! monica and kip have been so welcoming and kind to us. they took us out for drinks and satay the first night we got here and last night they made an amazing dinner! kip grilled salmon, calamari, and sausage and monica made yummy vegetables … definitely the most healthy meal we have eaten in awhile. we walked around chinatown yesterday … ate chicken rice at maxwell hawker. this is where anthony bourdain ate chicken rice when he was here. went to a buddhist temple … very interesting and peaceful. we are going to sentosa island today and gonna have a beach afternoon! then singapore slings this evening!


4 thoughts on “singapore so far …

  1. I have been waiting for this part of your trip. Very eager to hear about the gastronomic delights that cross your palette( aka: really good food). Your satay dinner and the wonderful home cooked meal you enjoyed make my mouth water. I was so inspired I purchased a groupon type thing for a restuarant called : “Bangkok Thyme.”

    Enjoy your day at the beach. I will check it out on Google Earth 2moro. love you, dad.

  2. Looked at Sentosa Island, and there are many beach places, so I’d need to know which area you were in. The whole place is gorgeous, and there is also a nice looking golf course near the beach area. Would love to play 9 with you.

      • Ha ha! By the time I got a passport & enuff $ to make it to Singapore, you’d be teeing it up in Ireland. What a beautiful beach. Can you swim to that little island? Also two golf holes are right behind you.

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