we have really enjoyed nepal … this is a place that i would definitely revisit! it would be nice to come back at a time of year when the himalayas are visible. we haven’t had the greatest view, but it’s still beautiful here. the people have been very friendly so far! we spent our first 2 nights in nagarkot … quiet, peaceful place up in the mountains. we went on a 3 day hike around the kathmandu valley … our legs are so sore that we can barely walk up and down stairs right now. i enjoyed the hike … felt so nice to exercise and breathe fresh air. after the hike we came back to the city and went to dinner with our friend, bik (he was our guide on the hike). ended up going to this great restaurant and had some of the best pizza that we’ve had in a long time! yesterday, we walked around thamel a bit and then went to the monkey temple. these monkeys weren’t nearly as friendly as the ones in indonesia. oh … i also went to a medical clinic here to get these bug bites on my leg checked out. the doctor seemed unimpressed by them.

we fly back to delhi today … in order to catch our flight to ireland tomorrow! can’t believe that our time in europe has come so quickly! this trip is going by too fast. i’m so used to my life now … living out of a bag, not knowing what the next day will look like, taking lots of photos, and having some of the best experiences of my life. i don’t like the thought of it ending. you would think that we would be more homesick … especially during those moments when things don’t go smoothly (like missing our train in india at midnight). i can’t imagine going back to the life i had before … but i haven’t figured out what that means yet.

nepal … you are good.


3 thoughts on “nepal

  1. I love the rooster picture. Jon will be so jealous when I tell him your next stop is Ireland. He’s always wanted to go. Keep note of some good places there to see in case we ever get to go. 🙂

    Love ya and miss ya cuz! I’m glad you’re having a good time.

  2. I am so glad you enjoyed Nepal. After I promised that you would, I was a little worried that it wouldn’t be as good as promised. Just imagine how much better it would be if it was still a free country, rather under Chinese control. The Nepalese people are truly special.

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