southern france/monaco

france is beautiful. i’m coming back. can’t believe i’m in monaco right now. still can’t believe this is my life. spent some time in nimes, france … lovely, ancient architecture. the arena was pretty neat. we have had exceptional weather … the sun likes us these days and sometimes the sky is so blue that it looks photoshopped. we drink wine every night. i like the red … and so does christy’s mom (who happens to be hilarious by the way). christy has been on a white wine kick. the other night christy, robby, and i went down to the beach with a bottle of wine. took some fun night photos … and embraced the fact that this is our life. the mediterranean ocean is bright blue … and cold. we’ve been eating a lot of italian food … gnocchi with a creamy cheese sauce, proscuitto and mozzarella pizza, seafood risotto, ricotta ravioli, and way too much bread. we hit up monte carlo 2 nights ago. played a few slots, but didn’t really do any gambling. monte carlo is everything you would imagine. extravagant cars, fancy attire, older men with younger women, money. it’s something to see. christy’s family leaves tomorrow … and we will make our way back to barcelona to meet up with christy’s friend, holly!


4 thoughts on “southern france/monaco

  1. Enjoyed your blog & glad to see you have gained an appreciation of wine, to go along with your enjoyment of beer. Wine in France, beer in the Netherlands & Germany. Liked the photos. The one on the side of the hotel Regency, overlooking the Med, is the one featured in Google Earth. Travel safely back to Barcelona. love you, dad

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