paris to chamonix

we have another friend traveling with us for a few weeks! christy’s friend holly is from orlando and decided to come travel around europe for a bit. she is amazing and has become a good friend to me in such a short amount of time. paris is an amazing city …. beautiful! we were only there for a couple of days, but got to see quite a bit. we actually had no idea that we would end up in paris the day that we did. we were ready to move on from barcelona but hadn’t made any concrete plans (as usual). we decided to just show up at the airport and see what flights were going out that day. we were originally considering portugal or ibiza, but those flights were too expensive so last minute. so we compared prices of different flights and ended up choosing paris! had a really difficult time finding accommodation that night (everything was full). actually thought we might end up sleeping in a park somewhere or just staying up all night at a bar. fortunately, we finally found a place that had availability! it turned out to be a pretty nice hotel and much cheaper than most other places. with the exception of the hotel being located in a shady area and there being an italian guy on our hall who kept trying to offer holly and christy vodka in the community bathroom at 11am (with only a sheet wrapped around him), we all really liked the hotel! we have had some funny experiences with random people approaching us for different reasons … not sure why we attract such interesting people.

paris … we got to see the eiffel tower, notre dame, palace of versailles, the louvre, area around sorbonne, and lots of other beautiful areas and buildings as we walked around the city. we took the metro a lot. only 6.40 euro for a day pass. taxis are pretty expensive there. we drank coffee and had pastries one day … yummy. one evening we had dinner in front of the eiffel tower … bread, cheese (brie and blue), apples, salami and chorizo, salad, crab meat, and wine! that was a really great memory from paris. so relaxing to sit out on the grass and eat and drink and watch the eiffel tower light up. i could have spent another day in paris … just lounging around in a park somewhere. however, we were all pretty excited to exchange the city life for the lower key, mountainous atmosphere of chamonix.

if you ever have a chance to go to chamonix, you must! i wanna go back. it’s so lovely there. the french alps are absolutely gorgeous. the town is cute and relaxed … mountain atmosphere … climbers, hikers, skiers, and mountain bikers. fresh air. good restaurants. we stayed at a cute b&b called mont blanc spa chalet … a couple from scotland is running it right now and they were extremely nice and helpful to us. we went to aiguille du midi … it’s a 3,842 meter high mountain in the french alps. took a cable car to the top. the view is stunning. pretty chilly at the top. we had to layer up … which we haven’t had to do in a long time. after aiguille, we went to montenvers mer de glace  … it’s a glacier located on the northern slopes of mont blanc. we walked around inside the ice cave and took photos. went back to the chalet afterwards and relaxed in the hot tub for a bit. would love love love to go back to chamonix and spend more time there.

for me, this blog is more about documenting where i’ve been and what i’ve gotten to experience with text and photos than it is a venue for me to write personal things … so this is why i rarely go there. i will say that i really do miss my family and friends. like i’ve said before though … my life is very different now. i’m more used to this travel lifestyle. it makes it difficult to know what my future plans will be/what my life will look like after this. it could last several more months or it could all end tomorrow. trying to stay open. i find that traveling is not always easy … but it’s worth it. having a travel companion is an interesting thing. i think it’s much better to travel with someone … less lonely and safer. but i’ve never travelled alone so i don’t have much to compare it to. however, putting yourself around someone day in and day out for months is trying. unfortunately, we have been exposed to the ugliest sides of each other. and i have some ugly sides! i think it’s normal to have ups and downs, but it’s not an easy thing. i feel like i’m learning things about myself through this experience and hoping that changes i make will be genuine and noticeable.

thanks for reading and following … makes it worth it to take time to do this!!


5 thoughts on “paris to chamonix

  1. Nicole, a really terrific blog, with some of the best photos you have taken. Although, I am not sure where you are right now, as it sounds like you have left Chamonix-Mont Blanc. I hope that your travels continue to be on the positive side, but am acutely aware that not everything turns out the way we want them. You’re a tough girl, and know that you will get everything worked out.

    Really glad to get this blog, since it’s been a few days since hearing from you, and was really missing you. love you, dad.

  2. When I saw that picture of you on sitting on the rail in the mountains, my inner parent went off and I thought “get down from there before you fall and hurt yourself” LOL.

    Great shots. Do you plan to go to Sicily? Eastern Europe? How about Russia? Wherever you go, I enjoy the blog. Keep it up 🙂

  3. As usual, such awesome photos! Read the story about the Italian wine pusher in the loo and my heart went out to your mom and dad for a moment 🙂 take care and don’t forget NYC on your way back!

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