ibiza was … exactly what you’d think it would be like if you have ever heard anything about ibiza! lots of young people, lots of music, lots of partying. i laid low for the first 2 days … just took some time to myself, relaxed, and read a little. walked around town one day to find a laundry mat and ended up getting a pedicure and a massage! much needed for me 🙂

we had some pool and beach time which was nice. the last night there we went to club amnesia … they were having a foam party. so i’ve never been to a foam party before and i have to say that i’m so glad i went! we had so much fun! danced ALL night! i’m not sure what time it was when they started spaying the foam,  but it was late/early. my new friend alessandro and i went all the way in … literally the foam was almost over our heads. pretty amazing experience. i obviously left amnesia soaking wet and got to see the sunrise on the way back to the hotel. thankfully we had a late check out that day and our flight to rome wasn’t until 5pm.

christy’s photo below- before heading to amnesia

ok … so i’m making an exception here and gonna put a few iphone photos up because it’s the only documentation of amnesia that i have!


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