went to rome and the amalfi coast for a few days each. still lots more of italy that i would like to see. maybe i’ll go back! rome is a beautiful city! got to see saint peters square, the vatican, trevi fountain, navona square, the colosseum, castel sant’angelo, and some other monuments and squares. love all the restaurants in italy … seeing people sitting outside enjoying wine and authentic italian food. favorite meal – truffle and boar pasta. the salads are delicious as well … fresh mozzarella and tomatoes. we met a couple of people from knoxville one evening and walked around the city with them taking photos. we all ended up going dancing afterwards … had a blast! the heat was pretty intense in italy … so it was nice to get to amalfi to be near the water! this is a place i have always wanted to go. the view really is beautiful. the beach was similar to what it was in the french riviera ….  covered in smooth stones and pebbles. the water was nice … good temperature to get in. our first night there we went to a restaurant and watched part of the italy vs spain soccer game. being in amalfi is not the same as being in rome during a big game. when we were in rome everyone was going nuts during the game (and of course after). amalfi was a bit more tame. however, people were shooting off fireworks after the game … even though italy lost. we had a relaxing time by the beach. i didn’t get to positano and have heard great things about it … so add this to a place that i wouldn’t mind visiting again.


amalfi coast

oh yea … and we had a layover at the train station in venice. just enough time to have a glass of wine and take a few photos.


2 thoughts on “italy

  1. Your blogs seem to get better each time & the pictures of Rome & the Amalfi coast were wonderful. Also enjoyed the vibrant colors of the party scene. The joy that people felt, is what I enjoyed when I traveled through Europe. I look forward to the scenes & sights to come. love you. dad.

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