munich was pretty great! i liked the city a lot. we stayed in a hostel called “the tent.” really good experience. we were in a tent with about 100 beds in it. surprisingly, the place was kept pretty clean. it was a really nice atmosphere … lots of travelers from all over the world, bon fires every night, cheap beer and food, hammocks to lay around in. i met up with my friends andrea and brandon. a lot of you probably know who they are. anyway, i was super excited to get to see them! the night they came in we all went to Hofbräuhaus and had a couple of beers. went to Füssen the next day … it was freaking beautiful. right on the austrian border. got to take in the alps once again. we walked around the town, ate brats, saw some lovely castles and one of the bluest lakes i’ve ever seen! we laughed a lot that day … good times. they left the next day to head to san sebastian (i am actually leaving amsterdam today to meet them there). i ended up going to dachau that day … really heavy. it’s overwhelming to think about the awful things that took place there. i carried that sadness with me for the rest of the day.

apparently there are quite a few places that i would re-visit … munich is one of them. if you ever go there you should definitely stay in the tent! good way to meet good people! and the beer is definitely worth drinking!


One thought on “munich

  1. Glad that you had such a wonderful time in Munich, and that you got the chance to meet up with good friends. Hope that your travels continue safely, and that you enjoy your time in San Sebastian. I guess this is where you & Christy will be going in different directions. You had a good run together, and hopefully will meet again on travels.

    I look forward to hearing about the next stage of your trip to San Sebastian & then London. love & miss you, dad.

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