amsterdam …. hahahahahahaha. what a crazy and beautiful place! had lots of fun. when it wasn’t raining it was nice to walk around the city. went to the anne frank house … very interesting and heavy. i think this entry will be a let down … but there’s only so much you can say out loud about amsterdam. lights, noise, the smell of marijuana, coffee shops, bicycles, busy streets, the red light district, beautiful buildings, canals. i think our hostel was located on the loudest street in the city!


2 thoughts on “amsterdam

  1. Ha ha! I can’t agree more. I loved Amsterdam, and the people there. I am well aware that there stories better left untold, but there are still so many more that have left a lasting impression on me. The single most exciting concert I have ever attended was in amsterdam. Seeing the Moscow State Symphony Orchestra, still leaves chills throughout my body. Compared to seeing The Stones, The Beatles, Springstein, The Who, The Grateful Dead and nearly every significant rock & roll band during the 60’s & 70’s, none of them could come close.

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