san sebastian

san sebastian is a lovely place. i only had 2 days there, but it was totally worth it! got to hang out with andrea and brandon again and spent time with mandy (andrea’s sister), kevin, and their 2 beautiful little girls. the beach was really pretty. took a trolley up to this viewing point where you can see a panoramic view of the city … so picturesque. very historical city, lots of beautiful buildings and churches, cute parks, and an amazing view of the ocean. we went pintxo (tapas) hopping one evening … some of the most delicious food i’ve ever eaten! the shrimp bruschetta and the mini kobe beef burger were my favorites. fortunately, mandy and kevin know all of the best places to go so i got to taste the best of the best! we had cafe con leche and yummy pastries in the morning. andrea, brandon, and i went to a cider house one afternoon for lunch. this was a really great experience. rooms with huge barrels of cider … and you can just go in and taste as much as you want. the food was really great as well … 5 courses! the steak was amazing … as was the chorizo, fish, and tortilla! you can probably see the theme of san sebastian for me …. food! it’s such a big part of their culture that you have to experience it. at least that’s how i justified it!

going to san sebastian was my first time traveling alone … my first overnight train by myself. went pretty well. now i am in london … planning on staying here for about 2 weeks or so. apparently, they are going to show the opening games for the olympics at several parks in london. would be pretty memorable to see that!


3 thoughts on “san sebastian

  1. Nicole, your blogs are getting better each time. San Sebastion was a wonderful mix of beautiful sights and celebrating food & drink with friends. The pintos look yummmmm!

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