beginnings of london

so i have been in london for almost a week now. there is SO much to do here! i’m staying with my friends laura and joanna … they have been so great! i love their place … i feel very at home. the most at home i have felt on this trip. and i get to sleep in a lot! loving that so much. i wake up and have relaxed mornings in the living room drinking coffee and eating breakfast. then i go out and explore the city for the rest of the day/evening. my first couple of days here i got to hang out with laura and jo quite a bit. went to a party one night and then to a bbq the next day. it was nice to meet some of their friends and see what their life is like here in london. after the bbq on sunday, we went to east london and walked around. it’s a very trendy/hipster part of the city. we went to spitalfields market as well … big market where they sell clothing, art, jewelry, food. i liked east london … it’s very busy and alive. lots of colors and street vendors.

monday, i met up with some friends of mine. sarah was a patient of mine at scottish rite and i really connected with her and her family while they were there. sarah is an incredibly tough girl! and her sense of humor is amazing … she keeps me laughing. her mother, caroline, is also amazing and one of the sweetest people i’ve ever met. i got very close to both of them and we have kept in touch ever since. they were visiting family in both england and wales, and fortunately we were able to meet up and spend a day together! we ate fish and chips and walked around the city. went to trafalgar square, buckingham palace, and walked through hyde park. even though it was raining off and on the whole day, we still had a great time. so glad i got to see them!

yea … rain. it just rains a lot here. apparently this is the worst summer they have had in a long time. oh well. still making the best of it. i think i’d choose this weather over the GA summer though. oh i don’t miss that humidity at all! i’m actually really enjoying london. very diverse city. i also plan on taking some trips outside of the city to see more of england. i wanna see countryside and traditional pubs and things of that nature. it’s nice to be somewhere for more than a few days. i feel like i’m able to settle in a bit and don’t have to be in such a hurry to see everything.

tuesday, i toured the tower of london. really amazing. it’s just so beautiful and there’s so much history there. tower bridge is really neat as well … especially since the bridge is now decorated with the olympic rings i’m glad that i got here before the start of the olympics … it’s going to be absolutely crazy here. there are already lots of areas that are off limits to the general public because they are getting ready for the events.

i did a lot today big ben and the houses of parliament, the london eye, westminster abbey, thames boat ride to greenwich (unfortunately the entire greenwich park was closed off to public), soho … and i walked around the city a lot. transportation is great here … i love the tube system. laura and jo work during the week so i’m on my own most of the time. we did get to have dinner together last night at tortilla … it’s like chipotle or willies. i have been missing my mexican food! we had french toast and sausage tonight. i keep trying to get them to call in sick to work, but they don’t budge. 🙂

party on saturday night at dan’s place (laura’s boyfriend)

sunday bbq … this is dan (he loves to cook and is very good at it)

east london

my day with sarah and caroline

tower of london and tower bridge

big ben and the houses of parliament, the london eye, westminster abbey, thames boat ride, soho

i’m curious as to who reads my blog … let me know if you do.


17 thoughts on “beginnings of london

  1. Hi Nicole , hope your doing well. Luv reading about your adventures and seeing all the exciting places you visit. Keep posting and enjoy every moment of your adventure. Miss ya!!!

  2. This blog sounds very much like it was written by someone who isn’t every coming home! Julia Jevince came by the unit today and she had the same thought. Missing you and hope to see you again. It doesn’t have to be here though – just find me a job somewhere along your travels!!

  3. I read it! I’m subscribed to it, so every time you post something new it goes to my email which goes to my phone so I can read it right away! 🙂

    Luv ya cuz!

  4. You know I’m following you. I’m your biggest fan, and love to see you faring so well on your travels. I am proud of the way you have handled yourself throughout your travels, and hope it continues. Love you, dad.

  5. I read it!! I’m getting so much enjoyment from your travels — I love seeing your new posts! Julia and I stopped by CIRU yesterday when she had to get some labs done. We talked to Erin for few minutes; mostly about you and your journey. Julia misses you and wants you to come home. I miss you, but want you to stay as long as you can! I was in London years ago and found it fascinating. Elizabeth is obsessed with Kate and William, so tell them she says hello if you see them! haha

    • thanks, dana!!! i miss you guys too! wish you could come and visit!!! yea i’ll prolly hang out with kate and william this weekend so i’ll let them know elizabeth says hi! 😉

  6. p.s. Just saw Erin’s earlier post…just a gut feeling we will have someone to visit somewhere besides Marietta 😉

  7. I do, I do! I am amazed every time I sit down to read it. It’s strange…it almost brings me to tears! I am in awe of what you are doing and hope that I can someday do that same…however, I will be quite a bit older!

  8. I’m following you and loving every minute of it… I got behind the last several weeks but just getting caught up and it’s so much fun! I really enjoyed London, the pubs mostly 🙂 and so exciting you were there during the Olympics! Love you!

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