i’ll miss you, london

done with london and am now in scotland! all by myself … yikes! i’ve been traveling alone, but this is the first time my destination didn’t lead me to a friend.

finished out england by watching the olympic opening ceremonies on a big screen with friends, seeing an olympic event live (cycling), walking around south kensington, being jealous of photos at a travel photography exhibit, seeing some random acrobats performing on the street, going to the royal albert music hall for some classical music, going into the museum of natural history and exploring the british museum, eating a famous brick lane salted beef bagel, drinking a bottle of wine and eating a delicious meal with friends at the narrow (a gordon ramsay restuarant), spending a day in oxford and my last evening with friends at the leather bottle. i really did enjoy england so much and had a hard time leaving. i was there at the perfect time though … got some really exceptional weather and a little olympic spirit!


4 thoughts on “i’ll miss you, london

  1. So glad your experience in London was so enjoyable. You got to see and do so much, and enjoyed the comfort of being with friends. A boatload of treasured memories to add to your adventure. Now off to Scotland & Sweden and as Buzz Lightyear always says “to infinity & beyond.”
    Although grounded, I am, in so many ways, taking this journey with you. Be safe, and i love you, dad.

  2. I was so sad to leave London and England too this time around. Luckily we are getting pretty good Olympic coverage and stories/tours out and about around London too. I will really be homesick when that stops. Good luck in Scotland … The Scots will drink a few beers with you! Green with envy. Caroline

  3. I’ve seen a couple of Banky’s in your album, very cool. I think you’ll enjoy traveling on your own, I did although it can be a bit daunting at times, especially if you’re in France and you don’t speak French and you’re drunk most of the time. I mean, uh, I guess that would be difficult. Seems it would… ahem. Love you!

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