i should start by saying that i absolutely love edinburgh! i think i could live there. it’s such a good city in my opinion. small enough to get to know it and big enough to keep realizing there is more to see. some really great pubs, good shopping areas, museums, parks, beautiful buildings everywhere, and of course the castle. sometimes you get this fairytail-ish feeling when walking around the city. there is so much history and fun little myths and stories about edinburgh. oh … and it’s supposed to be super haunted. i planned on seeing more of scotland, but with the fringe festival going on, it was hard to leave the city. maybe next time … i am a little sad about not going to aberdeen or the highlands or lochness. gives me a reason to go back i suppose! so my first night in edinburgh and i ended up going out with 9 random people from the hostel. all 9 of us were traveling alone … and all it took was one outgoing girl to get a crew together. i think we ended up going to 4 or 5 different pubs that night. had a blast. we even got our bartender from the 1st pub to come out with us … she knew of some good spots to hit so that was helpful.  it was nice to immediately make friends … and they ended up being the people i hung out with for most of the time i was there.

train ride to edinburgh

first night out

the next day a few of us walked around the city. hit a little street market and ate some really good paella and chocolate fondu. i bought a scarf. we walked through princes street gardens, watched some street performers and explored the royal mile, went to st. giles cathedral, and then up to edinburgh castle. we ended up going to a comedy show at the fringe that evening. really funny actor/comedian from new zealand named rhys darby.

thursday… xavier, shelby, georgie, and i hiked arthur’s seat. it was perfect weather for a hike. so beautiful to overlook the city while walking up. we took our time and took lots of fun photos. such a fun day! we went to leith afterwards and had hot chocolate in a cute little café and then xavier and i went out for an amazing dinner at roseleaf. so delicious! xavier is one of the more interesting people i’ve met in awhile … super intelligent guy with lots of good thoughts about life.

friday … shelby and i walked around a bit and i ended up buying a new travel bag. the one i’ve had has been killing my back so i finally decided to get a new one. pretty pleased with it … should have done it a long time ago! i love REI, but they should never recommend the osprey porter 46 for extended travel. it’d make a better weekend bag. so there’s that. ended up going to 2 more shows that day at the fringe. we saw a really interesting theatre bit about james arthur ray. it was really interesting and twisted.

this is from the fringe site …

“In 2009, sixty devotees of motivational speaker James Arthur Ray paid him $10,000 each to join him on a spiritual retreat in his super-heated sweat lodge in the Arizona desert. He had promised to revolutionise their lives and so they never once questioned his authority, even as they lay dying. Following multiple Edinburgh Fringe sell-outs, Peculius Stage will recreate the harrowing events, inviting you to become one of Ray’s followers and share in the experiences of those who survived, and those who didn’t. Based on a true story, and set in a uniquely claustrophobic sweat lodge installation.”

pretty crazy. after that show we decided that we needed a little comedy in our lives! the rest of the night was spent playing backgammon at the hostel with shelby. good times! i missed backgammon.

saturday was my last day in edinburgh. i went on a free walking tour of the city that afternoon. it was great! highly recommend it. i learned a lot about scottish history and went to greyfriars cemetery. j.k. rowling wrote some of the HP books in the elephant house cafe overlooking this very cemetery – i even got to see thomas riddell’s grave site. i roamed around the royal mile where all of the artists/performers were spending their time. amazing to see so many artists in one area … most of them all dressed up and already in character. the festival brought so much life to the city … so vibrant! i went to the royal military tattoo that evening … pretty neat experience. i arrived in sweden today and i have a free place to stay so that’s amazing! my friend fabio is meeting me here later this evening … i met him in munich and we are gonna travel together for a bit.


One thought on “edinburgh

  1. You got a lot in during a short stay in Scotland. Nice that you could find good people to spend time with & enjoy the sites of Edinburgh. I hope your scarf was made from Aberdeen wool. It is known to be some of the finest wool in the world.
    Hope Sweden & areas surrounding are equally enjoyable. Let me know where you’re staying & I’ll look it up. love you, dad

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