i just keep loving the places that i go! stockholm is no exception. i have only been here for 3 full days and i feel like i’ve done so much. started off by meeting joel … met him on the plane. we were both couchsurfing in sweden but had some time between getting off the plane and meeting our hosts … so we hung out, had lunch and walked around a bit. love meeting new people through traveling!

this was my first time couchsurfing so i was pretty excited about that. i am traveling with my friend fabio right now. he is from boca raton, florida and i met him in munich (at that hostel called the tent if any of you remember that place). anyway, he and i had talked about meeting back up at some point to travel together since we would both be traveling alone … and here we are! we are gonna be in stockholm until friday or saturday and then we head to helsinki, finland. i’m pretty excited to be traveling around scandinavia right now. and also excited to be hanging out with fabio! he’s a great guy and we are having lots of amazing experiences together!

our first day, we walked around the city (a lot). really like the old town (this part is considered the “original stockholm”). we went to the island called djurgården … this is a beautiful area with lots of nature. we walked around the island near the water and went to the gardens. so pretty! after, we met up with sanna (our couchsurfing host) and she showed us around a bit. so we basically just walked all day and saw a lot of stockholm – really nice. that evening we met up with joel (guy from the plane), the girl he was couchsurfing with, and a few of her friends. we went to this amazing thai restaurant called koh phangan. really cool place with lights and bamboo everywhere. most of the staff is either from thailand or they have at least traveled there. we had a really good time … lots of great conversations with new people. and the food was delicious. i had tom ka gai soup to start and then a coconut beef curry. i love that soup … used to have it back home and i have missed it.



yea … didn’t catch that dude’s name

yesterday we met up with our new friend, zippora. she took us to the culture house … amazing place. a building where people go to dance, listen to vinyls, sew, meet with people to present new artistic ideas, read books, go to exhibits, see films, make jewelry … and i’m sure i’m missing a few things. it’s basically just this huge haven for artists, for everyone really. in one of the rooms people were just working on their dancing. everyone was just doing their own thing. fabio was teaching zippora some west coast swing and then we were all learning some hip hop and breakdancing steps. one dude was even trying to teach us the concept of popping … really difficult! had a really good time there … it’s nice to be in a place where people really don’t care whether or not you are a great dancer … people are just having a good time. so yea … i’m pretty much a B-girl now.

today, we went kayaking on the island of Långholmen. so beautiful! such a great experience to have in stockholm. afterwards, we went to this improv group with zippora. really interesting. a group of people get together and basically just play games and have fun. it’s not imrov as in a comedy act. the whole thing is activities that require people to improvise and not care what other people think. this would generally be something that is a bit out of my comfort zone,  but i really enjoyed it. it was a good learning/growing experience.

only have iphone photos for the kayaking


5 thoughts on “stockholm

  1. Nicole, this is one your best blogs. You have done & seen so much in just 3 days, and the experiences are really exciting. Very happy that you have a traveling partner again, and hope that works out for you. I loved the pictures, and used one of floral shots from Djurgarden as the new background on my computer & it looks fantastic. love & miss you, dad

  2. Love it all Nicole! So glad you are still out there…go until you’re broke girl! Julia starts school Monday – ugh – it’s so over rated lol! I’ll be back to the computer filling in a few gaps for her, while she takes 3 classes in school. Chemo is starting to take it’s toll on her; half way through now though! I’m not freaking about her being so far behind in school anymore, and she seems to have wrapped her head around it too. All in good time right. Miss you, but your blogs are awesome!

    • thanks, dana! i miss you guys!! hug julia for me. i hate that it’s starting to take a toll on her … i can’t imagine how tough that is for all of you. she is a tough girl though! i love you guys lots!!

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