cruise – helsinki

we took an overnight boat from stockholm to helsinki. i knew it would be a decent sized boat, but guess i didn’t realize it was actually a cruise ship! so much fun! we had an amazing buffet, which included wine and beer. i played blackjack at the casino … i love that game! i lost and then won it back plus an extra 10 euro i think. we danced until around 3am … good times.

so we got to helsinki yesterday and i have already seen a good bit! we are staying with a guy named charles … he is from nigeria, but lives here in finland. he is a friend of alyssa’s so she connected us. he is super nice … the kind of person that just attracts good things. he showed us around a little bit yesterday. we had to check out the fazer shop … full of candy and some of the best chocolate you will ever put in your mouth.

we also met up with my friend eva … who i also know through alyssa. we took a boat to suomenlinna … it’s a sea fortress built on 6 islands. so pretty. walked around and took photos and enjoyed the sun. and then we ate pizza. really good start to helsinki. once again … feeling really fortunate.

ride to helsinki



3 thoughts on “cruise – helsinki

  1. It sounds like another great beginning to your stay in Helsinki. Nice to have a place to stay & friends to contact. The weather appears to be in your favor, I would love to be somewhere where the temp is a low in the 50’s & high in the 70’s. Perfect golf weather. Look forward to the rest of your stay being more of the same.

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