finishing up with stockholm

so fabio and i had a great time in stockholm! it was so nice to get to hang out with people from the city … makes the whole experience different. sometimes it’s nice to be at a hostel and hang out with other travelers, but it’s also really great to hang out with locals and get a feel for how they live. i have learned that couchsurfing is really helpful in terms of meeting locals and getting good ideas for what to do in a particular place. i did not pay for accomodation at all in sweden and i’m so thankful for that. met some really great people who were so kind and hospitable! makes me wanna return the favor someday when i have a home to offer.

we spent our last days in sweden walking around the city more, going back to the culture house (i got my first west coast swing lesson), spending a day at skansen (open air museum), and going to an outdoor techno party!


outdoor party


One thought on “finishing up with stockholm

  1. So glad you had another great stop on your world tour. There are terrific people world wide, and you’ve been fortunate to find so many of them. Skansen looked like a wonderful place to visit. So, on to, dad

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