helsinki, finland

the rest of my time in helsinki was spent walking around the city, taking silly photos, going to some cool bars, and hanging out with my friend eva and a couple of other people. i got kind of lazy with helsinki … didn’t really look into things to do ahead of time. didn’t travel outside of the city. just hung out … which was nice in some way. i met some new people. eva took me on a really beautiful walk around the water and through a park one day … really enjoyed that. there was this really great bar that we went to one night. it’s called bar llamas … i think that all the random decor in the bar came from mexico. it was cluttered with weird and neat stuff. and there were swings at the bar! it was small but the atmosphere was great. i like finding places like that during my travels. went to this really cute cafe yesterday before getting on the ferry to estonia. it’s this tiny blue shack sitting up on this hill that looks off onto the water. eva and i had coffees and pulla (finnish dessert bread) and enjoyed the sun for a bit. so now i’m in estonia. fabio and i went out last night and had a blast! i really like estonia already … it has this medieval feel to it. love all the old buildings and cobblestone roads. it’s raining today so not sure what i’ll do. maybe just relax, get some things at the market that i need, and do some laundry.


2 thoughts on “helsinki, finland

  1. It seems that your blogs are filled with so much fun & positive energy. I really love to see you so happy & hope that everything continues to be the same on your upcoming stops I checked out Morocco on Google Earth & it appears to be right on the Med, so cool breezes may counter some of the heat.

    I think you will find that this is where u skyped me. I find nothing wrong with this blog, it is filled with serendipity, but I don’t find that a detriment. Obviously, you where thrilled to be spending time with Eva, and as you said you enjoyed some time for silliness & plain good fun. The thing I could do without iare pictures of you & eva in the storage boxes, The rest was just good fun.

    You can take a more critical view when you are in Berlin, Prague & Budapest. Love you, honey, dad

  2. P.S. hope you are getting other comments, the blog is so much more complete that Facebook posts.
    On the blog style, do you mean the heading “IAMNEAKO” then short blog with pics following. I actually like when you blog interpose some pics, then blog more, with other pics that pertain to what you are talking about. hope that helps.

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