tallinn, estonia

loved estonia! really great medieval feel … cobblestone roads and the kind of buildings that i just love. reminded me a little bit of edinburgh. there are some excellent bars and restaurants in tallinn as well .. the night life is pretty lively there. i really enjoyed the hostel i stayed in … felt at home there. i went out a couple of nights while i was there and had a great time – and during the day i walked around and explored the city. played pool at the hostel a bit. there are some really beautiful parks in tallinn, grungy areas of town that are fun to walk through, and even a little beach on the seaside. had a really yummy meal at boheem (if you go to tallinn you should eat there) … tomato soup with ginger and orange topped with feta cheese. also, III draakon is the little medieval tavern near the town square and is a must if you visit. elk soup, mushroom pie, and beer for only 4 euros! also, one of the cutest places i’ve ever been into. the city is absolutely filled with culture. this was my last place to travel with fabio so we are going our separate ways today. had a good time with him and maybe we will meet back up in SE asia. i am at the airport getting ready to board a flight to berlin! the other night i realized that i might have some trouble with my visa in the near future. hoping i can still make everything work out the way i want it to! so next is berlin, prague, budapest, and then i meet my friend thomas in morocco! i don’t have plans for after morocco so trying to figure that out. some places that i would still love to visit are croatia, switzerland, austria, turkey, greece and iceland. i don’t think that i can make all of them happen, but i will try to hit a few. i did book a hostel for munich at the end of september for oktoberfest … hoping i’m able to make it to that! i’ve had several people ask me about when i’m coming home … the answer is that i don’t know yet. i do not think i’ll be home for thanksgiving and i’m still not sure about christmas, but we’ll see. sometimes i can’t believe i didn’t do this sooner in life. i mean … when you are back home in the states (and have never done a trip quite like this before) the idea of it seems so overwhelming, difficult, and/or scary. then you get out here and do it … and you realize how possible it is and how there are so many other people from all over the world who are doing the exact same thing. it’s pretty amazing. i don’t think that i can live without travel now. i mean … obviously i will settle down at some point, but i think that i will always make the time and effort to go on trips … even if they aren’t quite as long as this one. if you’re a person who wants to travel and you haven’t … do it! i know that for some people it may be more difficult to accomplish than for others. maybe for financial reasons, work commitments, or family situations … but it’s always possible. just gotta make it happen! pretty sure this is the best thing i’ve ever done.


2 thoughts on “tallinn, estonia

  1. Tallinn was another really wonderful place to visit. I really enjoyed the variety of pictures of the places you visited. When I grew up we had a large Estonian community that had left Estonia because of Russian oppression. So, i am especially gratified that you were able to visit and put a face to the country that many of my high school friends were forced to leave, in order to secure their freedom & quite possibly save their lives. love you, dad

  2. Guess I I would have read your blog, I wouldn’t have asked the same question! Sorry girl 🙂
    It was great talking to you for a minute the other day.

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