prague was beautiful! charles bridge is lovely … the water and view are amazing and the bridge is filled with some really good street performers. made a new friend on the train ride from berlin to prague … turns out, she and her brother won the show the amazing race in 2008. loved getting to hear about her adventures! when that show first came out i wanted to try out for it so bad! can’t believe she won it – pretty amazing. we ended up hanging out in prague that evening and tried legit absinthe for the first time. not so tasty, but really glad i had the experience! actually ended up drinking it on 2 different occasions … both absinthe bars were really cool. went to this park area near charles bridge one day … walked along the water and through this open air museum dedicated to the floods that happened in prague (in 2002 i believe). also, near this area is museum kampa. it’s a modern art museum containing pieces of work from a couple’s private collection. i think prague is one of the more beautiful cities i’ve ever visited … really enjoyed my time there!


One thought on “prague

  1. I agree with you, about the beauty of Prague. Your pictures were wonderful, and made me want to be there. Glad you made a friend, but you never mentioned her name. At first, she kind of reminded me of Eva, so that’s why I asked if was her. Hopefully, Budapest will bring more positive experiences & vistas. You’ve been so many places, and have accumulated an amazing treasure trove of memories & friends that you will cherish throughout your life. love you, dad

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