another really great european city! definitely glad i made it to budapest. of course i saw some of the highlights here in the city … st. stephen’s basilica, dohany street synagogue, the palace, fisherman’s bastion (the view from here is amazing). i didn’t go inside any of the cathedrals or synagogues, but they are really beautiful to see. i went on a free city tour one afternoon … got to hear a little about the history, culture, and food in hungary. fattening food is their specialty! i had a chicken paprika dish with homemade dumplings my first evening here and it was delicious. took a boat ride on the danube over to margaret island one afternoon with my friends mollie and matt. there really wasn’t much going on there … it’s basically just a huge park. quiet and pretty … and it was nice to go on a little boat ride. after going to the island, we had a traditional budapest bath experience. we went to the szechenyi baths, which are considered to be the largest medicinal baths in europe (at least that’s what wiki says). such a relaxing experience and definitely a must do if you ever visit budapest. today, i walked around a bit and went to a flea market in the city park. to be honest, it wasn’t really that great. you never know until you check it out though. budapest is highly known for it’s nightlife. i didn’t go out too much, but i will have to say that szimpla bar is probably one of the coolest bars i’ve ever been into. i think lonely planet voted it the 3rd best bar in the world. it’s huge … bright colors and lights everywhere, random decor, art, old cars made into seats, and hookah. this afternoon i found that it was turned into a little market where fresh cheese, bread, and meat were being sold. such a neat place!

i didn’t sleep too well last night and i have to be up at 3am to catch my flight to morocco so think i’m gonna go to bed soon! i am excited to meet up with my friend thomas in morocco tomorrow! should be a really interesting place. my plans for after morocco are switzerland, turkey, hong kong, and then will hopefully be traveling around SE asia a bit with my friend monica!


One thought on “budapest

  1. Honey, I think that Budapest was a good stop for you, the city is lovely, and it appears that you were able to enjoy without expending too much energy. Sounds like you could benefit from a few relaxing days in order to rejuvenate. Traveling can take a lot out of you.
    Sorry for your 3am wake-up call, but hopefully you’ll get some sleep on the plane. I checked, and Morocco is only 5 hours difference in time & the weather appears to be mid 80’s during the day, that’s perfect.
    Hope you enjoy your visit with Thomas and I like your plans going forward. as ever, i love & miss you, dad.

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