morocco was an interesting stop after being in europe for the past 3 months. had a similar feel to indonesia and india, but very different as well. i mean … marrakech is pure chaos. loud, dirty, crowded, horns honking, the smell of fumes. however, i felt like i could still really enjoy the city. and it’s really beautiful there. of course you get people wanting you to come into their shops to sell you things, but it’s much more tolerable than india was. i actually found many of the moroccan people to be friendly and welcoming. it was nice to be there with 2 other people … thomas, david and i had a good time seeing the city. the souks (open air marketplace) were pretty neat. little shops selling clothing, spices, leather, tea, rugs, and other things. i wasn’t planning to buy anything, but david was all about the rugs and the more i looked at them the more i liked them. so … i ended up getting 2 really nice rugs! definitely money that i didn’t need to spend, but i think they will last forever and i don’t think i’ve ever bought a rug before. the main square (djemaa el fna) in marrakech is a really popular place to be at night. it becomes a huge open air restaurant … kebabs, fish, escargot, salads, cous cous, etc. we ate there one evening for the experience and it was pretty good. thomas and david ordered escargot one night and none of us liked it. i think it’s prepared differently from the way it’s done back home. either way … it was pretty gross. i wouldn’t mind going back to morocco and seeing some other areas. i’ve heard about some beautiful spots outside of the cities … so maybe one day i’ll get to see more of the country.

also, i loved our little apartment that we stayed in … soooo cute! and the mint tea was delicious. we drank it everyday … usually several times a day.


5 thoughts on “morocco

  1. Morocco was certainly a taste of another culture, but it is always good to see something different. I don’t care for escargot either, even if they were prepared in Paris. I really liked the palace with its brigade of storks (or Pelicans) standing guard. And you were pretty trusting with that little monkey sitting on your head & shoulders. Because of the lack of wi-fi it seemed you were there & gone in a flash. Glad you’re in Switzerland, so the contact is better. That country is so beautiful, I’m certain that you will enjoy everything except the prices. love you, sweetie, dad

  2. No picture here of the rugs you bought? I would love to buy some nice rugs. I would love carpet in my house. I miss having carpet. Anyway, keep blogging! Love ya!

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