switzerland was one of my favorite places so far on this trip. it’s one of the most beautiful places i’ve ever visited. the country is green, mountainous, clean, well kept, organized. the air and the water seem so fresh. when you see the river water you can’t help but to want to drink it. reminded me of the glacier water i drank in new zealand. it is a great country to explore by car because everything is so close. i was traveling with a couple of people from back home …and i’m so glad we had a car. we were able to visit several different cities and had the freedom to stop and appreciate something whenever we wanted to. our route went something like this … geneva-bern-thun-interlakin-lauterbrunnen-montreux-leysin. i loved them all! we stayed in a tent village (hostel) in interlakin which was a really cool spot. freezing at night, but totally worth it! in leysin, we stayed in this cozy hotel up in the mountains. lots of space, breakfast included, and the owners (a cute french speaking couple) were super nice. in the cities we visited we mostly just walked around and checked things out. there were a couple of castles in thun and then one in montreux. bern was a really lovely city. i only got to spend one evening there, but i really liked it lot. in lauterbrunnen, i walked up this hill and into a cave, where i was basically right underneath the waterfall running down the mountainside. so i’m in a cave and can hear the water pouring over – and the view straight ahead is part of this mountain, the water running off of it, green grass in the distance, and even further in the distance the snowcapped alps. ridiculous.

i took a train from leysin to basel on monday. i was planning to sleep in the basel airport that night because i had an early flight to istanbul on tuesday. however, i ended up meeting this guy named dominic at the train station and when he heard about my plan to sleep in the airport he invited me to stay at his house. he seemed harmless and shared the house with 7 other people … so why not! this of course ended up being such a great experience. i met several of the people living there … all super interesting. they were extremely welcoming … they fed me tea, an apple, fresh grapes right off the vine from their backyard/garden, cookies that dominic’s mother had just sent him in the mail that day, and some really delicious pumpkin soup! ended up riding bikes to the rhine that evening and drank some wine. i wasn’t expecting to get to see basel at all, but i actually got to see a good bit on our bike ride. and, like everything else in switzerland, i liked it! the cities have so much character and everything else just looks like the sound of music. the only thing i didn’t care for in switzerland was the cost … very expensive country. totally worth it though!


One thought on “switzerland

  1. Great blog, nicole. Your words & pictures mesh so well to tell the story of your Swiss experience. It is a place I loved when I back-packed through Europe, and I am so glad it didn’t disappoint you.
    love & miss you a ton, dad

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