ephesus & pamukkale

so i’ve been making my way down to southern turkey … to kabak valley. i have a friend staying in kabak who highly recommended getting here as quickly as possible. and now i see why. this place is a little dream. simple and surrounded by all things natural. a community of people here who are far removed from the world of business, money, success, the worry of time. just a super chill place. anyway, i will write more about this little haven in the next entry. on my way here, i stopped in selçuk to see ephesus and also made a stop in pamukkale. i stayed at this great little hostel called atilla’s getaway in selçuk … spent time relaxing on the hammock and swimming a little bit. i walked from the hostel to ephesus … it’s about an hour long walk around this mountain area. it was neat being in a place that i know is so old. and i’m a fan of the ruins. i mean … they may not do it for me like the ocean does, but i still think they are worth seeing. it was a quick trip … just one night there so i could see ephesus and then on to pamukkale the next day. pamukkale is known as the “cotton castle” … and if you’ve seen my photos on facebook already then you understand why. although it’s super touristy, it’s a pretty amazing site. it’s this huge area that looks like it’s covered with snow, but it’s not snow and it’s definitely not cold. i’m not exactly sure how it works but i know it has to do with deposits of calcium carbonate and carbon dioxide. and what is left is this hardened substance that makes up these travertine terraces. you have to take your shoes off to walk around. you can get in the thermal pools (although it was super hot that day so it wasn’t quite as appealing as it might be on a cool day). this place is definitely worth checking out if you ever get to turkey. my bus ride from pamukkale to fethiye was interesting. missed the first bus because my transport to the bus station was late and then we got a flat tire on the way. also, i was in this little mini bus with about 14 rugged, turkish men. nobody in the bus spoke a word of english and i was getting stared at the majority of the way there. towards the end of the trip the bus was almost empty and the bus attendant wanted to know if he could sit by me. this was after he searched google translator to find out how to tell me i was beautiful. and let’s be honest … i look like a freaking bum! you would think i’d be flattered, but really i’m dying for some of these guys to act like normal human beings and just be friendly for the sake of being friendly! jeez. needless to say, i was thrilled to get to fethiye and off the bus. spent the night there and then headed to kabak the next morning. ahhh … and this place has been so good for me. although, i’m not too motivated to make plans for after kabak… just sucks you right in!




2 thoughts on “ephesus & pamukkale

  1. Kabak is a truly magical place, and i can well understand your desire to stick around. Sorry you had to have such an ugly bus ride, Hope those experiences are rare. Love the photos, and glad that you able to pitch in to pay for your room. I used to take other GI’s KP when I was in the Army. I was earning $78 a month and half went to Bubbe. So, no one wanted to do KP. I charged $35 for a weekday & $50 for a week-end or Holiday. Bought a little roadster with the money I made.
    Anyway, back to you, i hope that you enjoy your time there before moving on to Hong Kong. Love you, honey.

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