so i’m back on the other side of the world again! after turkey, i spent a week in singapore at monica and kip’s place … mostly just to meet up with her because we are traveling around together for about a month, and also just to relax a bit. these are the friends that christy and i stayed with when we were in singapore back in may. their place is like a home away from home … and it was nice to take a break from the travels. 
monica and i left singapore last wednesday. we have already spent 6 days in cambodia, a day in kuala lumpur, and we just got to sri lanka a couple of hours ago. unfortunately it’s raining or we’d be at the pool or beach right now.

cambodia was really great. we started in phnom pehn and spent 2 days there. we visited the killing fields, where so many cambodian people were tortured and killed by the khmer rouge regime. during pol pot’s rule about 20% of the cambodian population was killed. reminded us of the holocaust. the rest of our time there was spent checking out the river front, taking photos, noticing that every single cambodian kid is the cutest thing you will ever see, plotting how we might take one or two of those children home with us, riding in tuk tuks, and spending an entire day riding bikes to mekong island. also, much of MY time was spent laughing hysterically at monica’s mishaps. yes, i know this sounds mean, but she laughs as well so i think it’s ok. i’ve been getting to see the clumsy side of monica … falling off of her bike and completely biting it on the dirt path, losing her footing at one the temples and falling (i only knew this happened because i heard “shit” come out of her mouth and then saw the dirt caked on her left knee and toes, hitting her head really hard on the headboard of the bed after just having had a relaxing foot massage and her hair done, watching the hat blow off of her head and land in the busy streets of siem reap while we were riding in a tuk tuk (this happened twice). these are the things that happen to monica. i just asked her if it would be ok to mention this stuff and she of course said yes because this is just normal life for her … like when she was a kid and somehow broke her arm 3 times in the same year. all of this is probably humorous because until you get to know her you would never think she was a clumsy person. she is this gorgeous, classy, super smart, professional girl … she just falls down sometimes. 
aside from a few stressful moments (misplacing visas, our hotel room flooding in phnom pehn, and choosing the wrong guy to get us to a tour on time … just because someone says they know where they’re going doesn’t mean that they actually do), we’ve been having a really good time!

riding bikes to mekong island was definitely a highlight. it was also one of the most dangerous things we’ve ever done. riding bikes on the chaotic roads of phnom pehn is probably one of the most unsafe things you can do there. we unknowingly took the longest route possible to get to the island and sweated so much that i don’t think we peed for the entire day, but it was totally worth it. the island is so rustic and beautiful. we probably rode around 50km that day and while we were on the island we never saw any other tourists. so we just rode around and stopped to hang out with kids along the way. we had lunch at this cute little guesthouse where a lady showed us the machine that she uses for silk weaving. the cambodian people are some of the most kind people i have ever met in my life. they are genuinely friendly and happy to help in any way they can.

siem reap was also really good. we visited a lot of temples. angkor wat was super impressive … we walked around that temple with a guide and learned a bit about the history. we also went back the next day to watch the sunrise. ta prohm was my favorite. it’s over 1000 years old and there is green moss and these beautiful trees and roots growing on and around all of the stones. it’s such an amazing place. bayon temple at angkor thom was also a really good one that i wouldn’t miss if you ever make it to siem reap. i know there’s a lot more to cambodia, but i’m happy with what we got to see and experience in our 6 days there. 
we had a day in kuala lumpur yesterday (it’s the cheapest city to fly into and out of in se asia). we went to the petronas twin towers and that evening went to the top of trader’s hotel for a glass of wine and a great night view of the city. pretty low key day there. we will be back in KL for another day or 2 after sri lanka so we’ll see more of the city then. however, we won’t be staying at the same hotel/guesthouse next time. it ranks in the top 5 for dingiest, dirtiest places i’ve stayed on this trip. gross.
 anyway, really looking forward to sri lanka. hoping to have some really nice beach time and i’m curious to see what the people and culture are like here. we have 6 days to explore a bit and then off to nepal for some trekking!

phnom pehn

siem reap


2 thoughts on “cambodia

  1. Hi honey, a really great post. Very funny & entertaining. It is nice to with a friend that is lovely & gracious, and able to take life in stride and be able to laugh at herself. Pictures are beautiful. I would send the one with thee geese to picture of the day., or the of Monica & and the kids, or…….! Any of them.
    Hope Sri Lanka is as good as Cambodia was, if not better. Continue to enjoy. I love & miss you. dad.

  2. Hey Nicole, I think Nat Geographic would love some of your pix … they are truly amazing. What a fantastic adventure you continue to have. It is so interesting and educational to follow along with you. Wish I could be there in person, of course.
    Caroline and Sarah

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