sri lanka

feels like so long ago that i was in sri lanka. just now getting the chance to post a blog. i might need to go back at some point in order to redeem it. the short story … what i did see of the country was pretty decent… some really beautiful spots. however, we missed some of the best places in the country. unfortunately, we didn’t go with our instincts or with the advice of some friends. instead, we took recommendations from a couple of locals and ended up going a different route. all in all … not a bad time, but definitely underwhelming. sri lanka has beautiful countryside, beaches, jungles, temples, farms, cities, parks … lots to offer i think. it’s pretty amazing to be driving down the road and see elephants, monkeys, and peacocks in the wild. we are just wishing that we had gone south! oh well … next time perhaps.

monica got kicked by a baby elephant… can’t believe i missed that!


3 thoughts on “sri lanka

  1. Been awhile since you had time to post. Sad that you missed the p[arts of Sri Lanka that you really wanted to see, but the places you did go were lovely, and the elephant experience was excellent, aside from Monica’s getting kicked. As you said, maybe a 2nd visit will bring you what you hoped for. Well at least you moved on to Nepal, and bigger & better experiences.

  2. Monica sounds like a very interesting person. Would like to meet her one day! Yes, do make sure you go back to Sri-Lanka. You are the envy of us all 🙂
    Caroline & Sarah

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