love for nepal

so glad i went back to nepal! monica had been wanting to visit and i really wanted to go back to do a trek around the himalayas and see pokhara so it was a great opportunity to return. we spent a few days in kathmandu … hectic and polluted, but still a good city. thamel has it’s charms with cute restaurants and cafes and friendly people. cute kids as well, but sad to see the ones who are addicted to sniffing glue … they roam the streets looking empty and lost. we’re hoping the best for our little man raju who we spent some time with one evening, but i think it’s really difficult for the kids to break away from that lifestyle.

pokhara is absolutely beautiful. after an 8 hour bus ride on curvy mountain roads and a flat tire, we were happy to see that it was totally worth the trip. the mountain views are stunning … snow capped mountains everywhere. the city is much less chaotic than kathmandu and the air feels cleaner. we did a 4 day trek with my guide (and friend) from the last time i was in nepal. it was actually a pretty challenging trek and we came back with super sore legs, but it was worth it! the views along the way were so great. rivers, waterfalls, mountains, rice fields, quaint villages, kids running around, cows, mules, dogs and cats, flowers, green green green! we saw the sunrise from poon hill one morning which was absolutely beautiful. i loved this time in nepal. pokhara is a great little place … organic cafes and cute restaurants. a beautiful lakeview with colorful boats scattered around. we went paragliding! right before monica was about to run off the side of the mountain with her pilot she witnessed someone crashing. it was apparently a solo pilot who was training … he may have been doing some acrobatics, but he basically didn’t catch the wind correctly and his chute went in on him and down he went. then monica and i proceeded to jump off the side of the mountain! little bit scary. it is an amazing feeling to be in the middle of the sky like that though … surrounded by the mountains and big blue sky. we had a good time in pokhara. we spent the last evening doing a self created pub crawl which started around 2 in the afternoon. a quick review of the evening: a random guy lent us his motorcycle even though i didn’t know which side of the road to drive on, we ended up at a nepalese disco, stopped to use the bathroom at a place we quickly realized was a nepalese strip club, spent most of the evening at the busy bee where i made friends with 2 british soldiers while monica was busy telling people about her fake life where she made 7 million and lost it all in one year.
good times.

our taxi ride back to kathmandu the following day made paragliding seem safe!
we spent one more day in the city and then headed to chiang mai, thailand. we have had some interesting and great experiences here so far and are taking a bus to pai today.

here are some photos from nepal …


pokhara and trekking


3 thoughts on “love for nepal

  1. A bus to Pai?! Why not a motorbike? It’s a great trip to do on a bike and that’s coming from someone who doesn’t like motorbikes!

  2. I am also glad that you made it back to Nepal, and that you & Monica had such a wonderful experience there. The photos that you took were a wonderful mix of countryside & native people, especially the children. Your blog is lovely.

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