if you go to thailand … go to pai! amazing place. there is something so good about the smaller cities and towns. this place is surrounded by lush scenery and mountain views. you can get on a motorbike and ride for hours with no specific goal in mind and have a great time. there aren’t tons of different things to do in pai, but you will still find that it’s totally worth the trip. you can fill up a couple of days there just by checking out the waterfalls, canyon, and hot springs. most every traveler i met had stayed longer than they expected … it’s just that type of place. good little downtown area with cute boutiques, good street food, and trendy bars and restaurants. the place just has a good vibe. monica and i were there together for the first few days. we stayed in a great hotel … it was a 7km motorbike ride into town but definitely worth the stay. the owners, kim and her husband, were so kind and helpful. i just kept wanting to stay longer. the food was really good and we had this immaculate pool with a slide that overlooked the mountains and their garlic fields down below. monica went back home to singapore on sunday. back to work for her, and for me, back to traveling solo. we had a good month of traveling and i’m really glad that she was able to get the time off of work to do it. now i’m readjusting to being alone again. i took a 24 hour minivan/bus ride from pai to vang vieng, laos. this was a bad idea. i was sick the entire time from swerving around mountain roads. so every time we stopped for a bathroom and snack break i ended up behind a 7 eleven throwing up. i couldn’t eat or drink because i couldn’t hold it down and i couldn’t sleep in the minivan because my seat was in an upright position and i was concentrating on not getting sick in the van. not sure why they put us on a minivan for the overnight part of the trip instead of a tourist bus (brilliant). i would not recommend doing that trip. after 3-4 van/bus changes, waiting for over an hour to get the visa at the border, riding in the back of a truck for 30-45 minutes only to get on another bus, i think i wound up in vang vieng around 2pm yesterday. i walked around for a bit to find a place to stay and then slept for the rest of the afternoon. i did end up going to play trivia at a bar last night with some people from my hostel, but i didn’t feel fully recovered until this morning. today i’m feeling pretty good and gonna go tubing down the river soon! the tubing is what this place is known for. there used to be bars all along the river, but about 2 months ago they closed them down due to deaths and injuries on the river. unfortunately, people have partied a little too hard while tubing and have made some poor decisions. however, loads of people have great experiences on the river everyday and i think it should be a fun time this afternoon!

photos from pai …


3 thoughts on “pai

  1. I guess this blog shows the highs & lows one can experience in just a matter of hours of traveling worldwide. Thankfully, you have the resilience & intestinal fortitude to move on from the lows. and to continue to search for more positive uplifting things to do do. Love you honey, dad

  2. Ditto what your dad says! I hope you find a new travel buddy soon.
    I continue to love your photo’s and blog.


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