i had some really good times in laos. i met a good group of people in vang vieng and ended up hanging out with them a good bit. of course i went tubing down the nam song river. the situation is totally different now. all the bars along the river have been closed down because of deaths and injuries. i don’t know what it was like before but i’m assuming it got pretty crazy (the combination of alcohol, weed, opium, mushrooms, and a rocky river is not a good mix). i enjoyed the tubing and could care less about the bars being closed down … had a nice, relaxing time! bummed that i couldn’t take any photos of the tubing with my camera, but i couldn’t risk losing it! we also went to this amazing swimming spot called the blue lagoon. i liked this spot a lot … super chill and you can swing off a rope swing into the water or jump off the tree branches. the water was so blue! poukham cave is right by the lagoon so we walked up to it that same day. the cave was pretty amazing… one of the best i’ve seen on this trip so far.

been eating lots of street food lately. in vang vieng we were all addicted to the sandwiches they make at these little stalls on the street. chicken, cheese and garlic on a baguette was so yummy. not much else about vang vieng. there isn’t a ton going on there, but it’s still worth going for the lagoon and tubing. one lovely thing about this city is that there are about 4-5 restaurants that play friends episodes all day long! i know i will get made fun of by some for this, but others will understand just how great that is!

the spot where the tubing begins!

we all ended up in luang prabang together and continued with the good times. we took a night bus from vang vieng and were supposed to arrive in LP at 7am, but somehow we showed up at 3am! obviously not a great time to try to find a hostel. my friends from california ended up checking into a place around 4am and i decided to wait it out until the morning. sat outside of the hostel and read and then when the sun started to come up i walked around the city to look for a place because their hostel was full. the good thing about walking around at 530am was that i got to see the sunrise monk walk. they walk in a single file line every morning at sunrise and gather food from individuals. tourists and locals are on the streets donating food and whatever the monks gather is what they can consume for the day. or at least this is what i have read and been told.

luang prabang is a charming city with nice restaurants and some pretty good bars. utopia is a must if you go. it’s a bar and restaurant with a great vibe … it’s right on the river and has this rustic/chill atmosphere. it’s where all the backpackers go at night before going bowling! yes, bowling. for some reason this has become a popular thing to do in luang prabang. we went one night and had a blast! there were like 10 of us in a group and it was so much fun. our group consisted of the 4 people from california (jun, kenny, lolly, thy), one girl from belgium (laura/lala), 2 guys from holland (ralph and robin), and 2 guys from germany (marco and moritz) … and me of course. i’ll be posting photos of them in my facebook friends folder so you can see who i have been traveling with lately.

we went to kuang si waterfall one afternoon … freaking amazing! such a beautiful place. jun’s iphone went down one of the waterfalls and if not for kenny saving the day and finding it this would have been the 4th camera/phone to have been lost in our group! luckily he had his iphone in a waterproof case and then somehow kenny found it.

iphone search …

happy dance …

kenny bought snake whisky … and of course we had to try it!

there is a great night market in LP and a nice viewpoint to see the sunset so we did that one evening. i bought some more party pants at the market since the ones from morocco fell apart! all in all … i had a really great time in laos. to be fair … i’m pretty sure it was because i had good people to hang out with! we went out to dinner one night for thanksgiving. not typical holiday food, but it was nice to enjoy a meal together. on thanksgiving day i did manage to find a bakery serving a turkey, stuffing, and cranberry sauce sandwich!

around town …



4 thoughts on “laos

  1. I know I sound like a broken record, but you really should make a book out of all your best shots when you come back (IF you come back LOL) So many really cool shots.
    Cobra whiskey…. do they defang the snake? I know he it dead, but still.
    Next time you are in a a big city, you should pick up a disposable underwater camera. Then when something like tubing happens, you can take it with you. You would have to wait a while to see the results. I am willing to bet that if you mailed the camera to your mom or dad, they would develop and post the pics for you. Just a suggestions.
    Did you know you have been gone for over a year? Crazy!
    Keep on traveling.

    • yea … it would be really cool to put a book together. maybe you can help me pick out some photos!! i haven’t been gone quite a year yet … although i know you all must miss me soooo much that it feel like it. 😉
      i left on march 1st … so i’m getting there! yea underwater camera is a good idea! luckily a friend of mine took a few photos of parts of the tubing so at least i have that.

  2. Your blogs are always so interesting, and give a real sense of what you are experiencing on a daily basis. The things you do, the friends you meet & what is happening in the world you visit. Great photo of the phone search amidst the waterfall backdrop, and I can never get enough photos of the native children. love you, dad.

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