loy krathong – yi peng lantern festival

glad i made it back to chiang mai for the lantern festival. it really was an amazing time … parades, people everywhere, fireworks, lantern launchings, krathongs in the river. it was beautiful. sharing this experience with the group of friends i made in laos made it even more memorable! actually, if it wasn’t for them i don’t think i would have gone back to chiang mai. i didn’t realize that this huge festival was happening until they told me about it. i also did an elephant training camp while i was there and it was amazing. i know i have seen elephants multiple times throughout this trip, rode one in india and watched them bathe in sri lanka, but this experience was quite different. the elephants are taken care of very well on the farm. the trainers are great with them and i learned a lot about these sweet animals that day. we learned several thai commands and were able to get on and off of the elephants independently and ride them in the jungle a bit. we fed them … they eat all day! we bathed and swam in the river with them … so much fun! i liked elephants before, but spending the whole day with them made me love them.

one afternoon a few of us rented motorbikes and rode up the mountain and into the jungle. this was a nice little adventure that we didn’t see too many tourists doing. it was nice to get out of the city and into a more quiet and peaceful part of chiang mai. we ended up finding this tiny village with a coffee plantation. the scenery was really beautiful and the coffee was so good!

around chiang mai and the lantern festival …


One thought on “loy krathong – yi peng lantern festival

  1. Each part of your trip, shows something new & exciting. Laos gave you the “lantern festival” and the never to be forgotten real elephant adventure. I am so happy about your elephant experience, words can’t say enough. I love those huge awesome animals, and got to live with them vicariously through you. Thanks, baby.

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