the rest of vietnam

loved hoi an! the people were very friendly and the town is lovely. so many great little restaurants and bars on the river. lots of temples and colorful buildings. in northern vietnam i didn’t really connect with the vietnamese food. it wasn’t that the food was bad … it just wasn’t that great in my opinion. i had just come from thailand where i loved the food so much so it was a little disappointing. however, i loved hoi an’s specialty dishes! the cau lau (flat noodles, bean sprouts, green veggies, and really tasty pork) and fried wontons were my favorites. i met some really fun people along the way and we all had a great time in hoi an.

nha trang is a coastal city … i was there for about 2 days. went to a brewery/restaurant one day … first time i’ve had decent beer in quite awhile.  i went to a water park on the second day which was a blast. lots of slides … reminded me of my childhood days when my dad would take me and my brother to white water (big waterpark in atlanta, GA) all summer. there’s also a beach at the water park so we swam in the ocean a bit. i didn’t take many photos in nha trang, but i had a pretty good time there. oh i forgot … i also ran into a texas hold em’ game while i was there. i decided to play a bit and walked away with some winnings so that was nice!

i ended my time in vietnam in saigon (ho chi minh city). i only spent 1 day there. it’s a huge, busy city. i went to the war museum … it was interesting and also really sad. i’m not sure that they tell the whole story in this museum but it was definitely worth the visit. other than that, my friend ronan and i just walked around the city and took photos. there was a culinary festival going on that evening. it was right down the street from our hostel and it turned out to be a really good time! loads of food stalls, live music, and an outdoor muay thai ring with some boxing matches. i spent my evening there and called it an early night to catch a morning flight to krabi, thailand. so now i’m in the islands … i met back up with my friend laura (the belgian girl that i met in laos). i spent a couple of days in ao nang, krabi, a day on tonsai beach, and we are now in koh lanta. it’s really beautiful in the islands … hoping to have a good and relaxing time!


3 thoughts on “the rest of vietnam

  1. Nicole, I love hearing about your journey. It makes my day when I get notice of a blog post from you. Where do you plan to spend Christmas? Happy holidays.

    Caroline and Sarah

    • aw thanks, caroline!!! it makes my day to know that you take the time to read my blog! so for some reason i couldn’t open up the essay that you sent me that sarah wrote. i’ll try again. i’ll be somewhere in the islands of thailand for christmas .. maybe koh phi phi? hope you guys have a great holiday!! love you and miss you guys as always!

  2. Such a plus to have the last part of your Viet Nam visit turn out so well. Good food, drinkable beer, muy thai and a water park that evokes memories of your brother & dad.. hardly gets better than that. I am glad you have made it to the islands and some good weather. It will be a good place to spend Xmas, if you can’t be home. Look forward to more adventures & pictures. love you honey, dad

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