island life …

happy new year!

i have been in the islands in southern thailand for about 2 weeks. i’ve been a little lazy with the blogging and photos lately! the islands have been pretty good. beach, swimming, wild beach monkeys, sunshine and humidity, rainy at times, scuba diving and christmas eve in koh phi phi with lucas and laura, beach parties, lights, fire dancers, fire jump roping, paint, buckets with friends, dancing dancing dancing, so much pad thai and curry, motorbiking around koh samui and koh phangan, sneaking into a beach resort to enjoy an amazing private beach area (backpacker style), waterfalls, my first full moon party, my first jungle party, watching fireworks and lanterns light up the sky for NYE on koh tao. needless to say … the islands have been eventful! i will do the open water scuba diving course while i’m here in koh tao and this will bring me to the end of my time in thailand. bittersweet. i’m trying to fight off a cold right now and hoping that it doesn’t interfere with the diving. my friend bryan (from ireland) is here doing some diving and lucas (from argentina) will do the scuba course with me.

i honestly can’t believe it’s 2013. i’m not sure that it has really hit me yet. i am a bundle of different emotions. i can’t believe that this has been my life for the past 10 months! i still have a bit of traveling to do so this isn’t my “wrap up” blog, however, i just want to thank you again for following me around the world and taking the time to read this blog and check out the photos! it has been really rewarding for me to keep up with it and to know that i’ll always have this to look back on! my next stop is hong kong. my friends justin and marisa are living there so i’ll get to see them and check out the city!

some photos from the islands …


railay and tonsai

koh lanta

koh phi phi

koh samui


4 thoughts on “island life …

  1. Happy new year, sweetie! So glad we got to talk last night. Beaches kind of lend themselves to a life of ease and parties, parties, parties. Glad that you had friends to enjoy it all with you, and though you were missed here, I couldn’t be happier for you. See you in Hong Kong soon, and hope that you get a full size bus for the ride to Bangkok.
    Love you, dad

  2. Nicole, Thanks for letting me tag along on your trip. I look forward to each post. Enjoy each day and live it to the fullest. You have a headstart on all of us!

  3. Happy New Year Nicole. Wish we could find a way to fund you on continuous travels around the World. It has been so interesting and educational for those of us who have followed your journey.

    Sarah went to a concert last night … With Thomas (he wasn’t best pleased). I picked them up at 3 am safe and sound. Whew!

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