singapore surprise

so i’m back in atlanta now … and i can see that the transition period is not going to be quick or easy!

i was in singapore just before heading back to the states so i wanted to write a quick blog for that, and i’ll also be working on a final blog for the trip to try and wrap it all up … but that one might take a little while.

i hit singapore 3 times on this trip … i never anticipated that, but it’s just a reminder to me about how traveling can take you anywhere at any time and that plans are just like an outline … things change as you go and it’s part of the beauty of it all!

i went back to singapore for the 3rd time because i wanted to surprise a friend of mine. i’ve known thomas for a really long time and he told me that he was planning to visit singapore during his vacation time off of work. my friend monica, who lives in singapore, is amazing and she and her fiancee are always letting travelers stay at their place … so she said that it would be ok for thomas to stay with them. then she told me that i should stop through when he was there so that we could all hang out. i decided that it would be fun to surprise him and just be there at the apartment when he arrived. plus, singapore is a good hub for flights and i knew that i could get a decent flight home from there. anyway, this is what brought me back to singapore.

it was really such a nice way to end my trip. i loved getting to spend time with thomas, monica, and kip and i even got to do a few things that i hadn’t done yet in singapore.

thomas and i walked around and took photos (as usual), i took him to arab street (that area is one of my favorites in singapore) and we smoked hookah, we went out for sushi, we ate chili crab (i didn’t get around to the chili crab my previous times there), we went up to the top of marina bay sands for the lovely view of the city (hadn’t done this before either), went to the casino, and my last night there we all went to a rooftop bar for drinks!

i’m thankful that i had such a close friend to spend the last days of my trip with. i was a jumble of emotions (lucky thomas -ha!). i’m still a jumble of emotions now as i try to figure out what my life is supposed to look like at this point!


9 thoughts on “singapore surprise

  1. Well it was a nice surprise to see you home. Although, I must confess, that I was expecting you to come home around this time. I as so proud of you, for making the most of your world tour. The places you’ve been and the friends you made will remain with you for a lifetime.

    And there were the varied experiences, that are so memorable. Kayaking in Fiji, Laying with Tigers, swimming with elephants and so much more. Put those together with an anthology pictures that documented the wonders that you saw & the amazing people that you met, and you memories that will bring a smile to your face for years to come.

    I also want to say thanks to the people that traveled with you, and made life so much more comfortable for me, to know that you were among friends. Whether they were with you for months, weeks, or just a few days thanks, Christy, Monica, Thomas, Kip, Dukki,Laura,Flo, Holly. and yes, you too Brian, and all the others that I haven’t named, for being wonderful people and a friend to Nicole.

    This trip is not over, the story will go on. i love you, dad

  2. I have really enjoyed reading your blogs as you travel the world. Glad you made it home safe.
    You end this blog by saying ” iā€™m still a jumble of emotions now as i try to figure out what my life is supposed to look like at this point!”
    Perhaps you should adopt the same attitude that you had on your trips to your daily life. Keep the fluidity and wonder that you experienced over the past year in your heart and apply it to what ever you do here. There is no reason why you can’t.

    My dad’s 3rd wife is a nurse and takes assignments in different cities as a way to travel and see America (while getting paid)
    If you think this might interest you, I could put you in touch with her.
    Welcome back!

  3. Welcome home, Nicole! Glad you made it back safely. I am also glad that your last port of call was Singapore. I lived there for a couple of years a lifetime ago and have always wanted to return. So, thanks for the photo’s.

    I will miss your blog so much. It was so cool to share your journey.

    Sarah is chomping at the bit to call you, so expect your phone to ring!

    Please stay in touch and let us know what you’ll be doing now you’re back stateside.


    • well, i’d love to see you guys the next time you are in atlanta!! right now i’m on the hunt for a vehicle so i have to deal with that first, but then hopefully i’ll get more settled in the near future. love you guys!

  4. I’ve wondered several times over the years where life led you. This blog is amazing, your photos are amazing, and this voyage must have been amazing. Doesn’t surprise me a bit….considering.
    Hope your well.
    Would love to hear from you

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