life back home

i figured i could write a bit about what i’ve been doing since coming back home. it’s not quite as exciting as traveling around the world, but hey … it’s still life right.

around atlanta ….

my friend andrea pregnant with her first little one … love this girl!

baking and wine with my girls. we were making a smash cake for harvey’s 1st birthday. well, i wasn’t really baking … i was drinking wine and eating yummy dip that sarah made. by the way, harvey is carla’s son.

me, andrea, carla, sarah … although we usually just go by SNAC … because why wouldn’t we come up with an acronym for our little crew? it’s obviously very cool.

harvey’s 1st birthday party … he’s so freaking cute!

hiking around with josi, melissa, and m.sue … and the doggies. i really need to hike more often. i miss it. being in the woods feels nice.

went to cataloochee in february with alyssa, janelle, tommy, and patrick. this was my first time snowboarding. i actually did ok … until i jacked up my knee! our cabin was pretty amazing and we had a great time. it made me happy to take a little trip and play in the snow a bit.

the creek right behind our cabin

snowboarding, photos, card games, music, good food, beer, fires, laughs, pretty scenery, good friends … i wanna go again!

so as most of you probably know, i do not have an actual home right now. since i’ve been back in atlanta i have basically been living out of my bags. i sold just about everything before my trip (including my car and motorcycle). i bought a car shortly after getting back, which was super helpful. hard to be in atlanta without one. as far as my living situation goes, i have mostly been staying with friends and family. i did find a sublet in candler park for about 1.5 months and i also lived in mountain park (in roswell) for a bit. my friend amy has a great little house in mountain park and i think i’m actually gonna call it home again for a while.

walking around mountain park back in march

i spent st. patrick’s day in savannah … something i had been wanting to do for quite some time. they have a huge parade in the city and everyone gets really into it … dressing in green, painted faces, getting up at the crack of dawn to set up tarps in the squares where you hang out all day with family and friends. gina, one of my best friends, lives in savannah with her husband, dante, and their son, rafa (my little ginger godson). i hadn’t seen them since before leaving for my trip so i was super excited to get to hang out with them. rafa had gotten so big since the last time i saw him … he’s pretty incredible and has the most fabulous red hair.


christy came home for a visit!

my dad found a great ice bar for us to have dinner and drinks at one night. sushi and infused vodka!

i must say … i do love spring in georgia. it smells like honeysuckles. outdoor farmer’s markets open up and atlanta hosts some pretty great festivals. had a fun 2 days at the sweetwater 420 fest this year.

been to a few concerts … got to see smashing pumpkins for the 1st time!

billy corgan

my friend tyler lyle playing at eddie’s attic. he is pursuing music in california these days and is doing well. if you haven’t heard his music you should.

father john misty at the masquerade … great show

passion pit at party in the park

amanda and i having a fun photo day …

spending time with my friend erin and her girls, metta and eden. i missed hearing metta call me her aunt nee nee. too cute! even eden is starting to say it now.

i had never been to the renaissance festival before so i decided to check it out this year. definitely a weird festival, but i’m glad i went. it’s fun to see all the costumes and people playing their roles. the best part was just watching metta and eden’s reactions to everything going on.

metta becoming a real fairie

tommy gettin us some beer money!

eden totally taken by the bird show

braves game!

summer cookouts! erin and andrew do it up right. we eat the most delicious food when we grill out with them. i have so enjoyed my time with tommy, andrew, erin, metta, and eden this summer. oh … and kai (tommy’s dog).

amy and i got to meet up with sarah and caroline for dinner one evening … such a fun night. sarah was one of our former patients and amy & i have remained close with her and her mother … they are such great people! if you followed my blog while i was traveling you might remember that i got to meet up with them in london last summer.

sarah and amy

i stayed with my friend melissa for a couple of weeks … we cooked, drank wine, and relaxed a bit. so nice to spend time with her. it’s actually great to stay with different friends here and there because i feel like i actually get to spend quality time with them … versus just meeting up for a quick meal or a drink. we grilled out one evening with alyssa and janelle – didn’t take photos that night, but it was a good evening.

walking on the silver comet trail

cash – melissa’s dog

so yea … i’ve had some good times back home. it’s been great to spend time with friends and family. i’ve made a few trips to jeju korean spa, eaten at lots of restaurants that i missed, played golf with my dad, got a pedicure with my mom, cooked dinner with my brother. i’ve had the opportunity to do a few photoshoots recently, which has been really nice. i’m working and keeping busy for the most part …and enjoying sleeping in whenever i can! oh … and i’ve been addicted to this american life and radio lab podcasts.


4 thoughts on “life back home

  1. Hope I haven’t hijacked your blog post again. Glad you could stop by after work & grab some grub & hear the kids perform at Meryl & Robert’s.
    Love your blog, and get the sense that you are finally becoming acclimated to being home & finding ways to enjoy it. Of course, nothing can beat the globe trotting around the world meeting new & old friends, but, at least you can grow & enjoy while you nest amidst your friends & family.
    And, you can always count on me to yap about your blog. Love you, dad.

  2. yeah, thanks for posting again. I’ve missed it so much. fantastic photo’s as always. You have such a fun life.

    Sarah and I just returned from a week in Ft Morgan this evening. Very relaxing week followed by an exhausting drive home – 9 hours.

    Now I’m in bed watching the Telly …. fun Saturday night!


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