what even happened to 2013? i don’t like this thing where entire years seem to fly by … this getting older thing. i don’t care for it. i’ve been in georgia since coming back from my trip last year (i came back on january 13th of last year). this year, january 13th felt heavy … i was thinking about the trip and missing the vagabond lifestyle.

i took a job in the emergency department (pediatric) in november. pretty big change from my previous job in the inpatient rehabilitation unit. these 2 units are basically polar opposites. on the rehab unit the kids can be there for long periods of time – months – doing physical therapy and relearning basic functions. the ER is obviously very quick turnover – the kids are in and out super fast for the most part. i was just ready for a change … and a new challenge. so far i’ve been really happy with the switch … i feel like i’m learning a ton and this type of nursing seems to be a good fit for me.

i turned 34 this month. 34!? each year i’m astonished by the fact that i’m getting older and that there’s absolutely nothing i can do about it. the cycle of life has us in its grip.

a few things from the 2nd half of last year  …

camping at cloudland canyon in september

dad’s birthday … i guess i won’t mention how old he turned. he’s looking good though!DSC_0224

my handsome brothernate and his lady. theresa … i dig itDSC_0296

atlanta botanical gardens with christy!DSC_0354DSC_0339

spent a day with christy and brittany at arabia mountain. fun little adventure. that was the week that we spent a few nights at brittany’s house … good memories!

i got to do my friend’s engagement photo shoot at the fair – it was a really fun shoot. this is adam and blair … i love them – they are great people!

braves play-off game in october – alyssa was very nervous. it was a bummer of a loss, but still nice to be there with good friends!

pride atlanta … well, we had a blast! so much energy, so many people hanging out and smiling. hahaha … i love this first photo so much!

sion and jaime!

zombie dance party at bookhouse pub for halloween!! it’s so great that they do this each year … the artists are amazing!

and … martin was here!

just some photos of one of the cutest babies ever … little olive back in november! really can’t handle how sweet she is.

thanksgiving with the family! playin some UNO over the holidays and i don’t think nate liked what he got! draw 4, sucker.

the rehab christmas party (even though we don’t all work there anymore)! i have made some really great friends on that unit and i miss working with those people a lot!uh oh … something happened to kathleen’s creepy babydoll

i have settled down over here in roswell at the sugar shack (this is the name of our home). amy and i are good roomies! and now we have a cat … her name is phoebe and she is the queen of the sugar shack. she loves my bed. amy is currently in the living room practicing the mandolin.

trying to think of other interesting things i did last year. oh .. my dad and i went to my first falcons game. first pro football game ever actually. for NYE some people got together over at alyssa’s place … firepit, food, drinks, music. it was a fairly low key NYE and we all had a great time. i’ve had a lot of good times this year with friends and family – thankful for that!

i suppose that about sums it up. i continue to wander about this weird little world we live in and try to make sense of it on occasion. this year i want to read more.


4 thoughts on “icantbelieveits2014

  1. Nice blog, Nicole. I know it wasn’t a grand world tour, but, if you put your year together, you got a hell of a lot done in 2013. Filling the time between work & training, with many meaningful memories & hopefully, good times. And, there were many more memories that you didn’t mention. Sometimes, I think you are a tad bit hard on yourself. Hate that for you, because you are so special, and have so much to be proud of all you’ve accomplished. You’ve only lived less than a half-life, and knowing that itch that makes you do things is still waiting to be scratched, you have so much more to do.
    Hope this isn’t one of your unfinished blogs, or that I responded to soon. 2012 was an exceptional year, but 2013 had its moments as well. 2014 is story yet to unfold, but, it portends to be an exciting year. More experience in the Er, a possible trip to Peru for starters, and sleeping with a cat. That’s a total surprise.
    So, my beautiful, intelligent daughter, happy new year.
    love you, dad

  2. Thanks for the photo journey; you’re an amazing photographer, Nicole! An incredible life and incredible photography…they’re both about having the right perspective. Love you:)

  3. I am so glad that you continue to entertain us with your wonderful photography and prospective. Would love to follow you around. Love you bunches!!!

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